Big cat attack

Hello, I am a developer on the Taverna Workbench project for Computer Science at Manchester University in the UK. This is a workflow engine for consuming and running ‘everything’ (web services etc. etc.). It is primarily used by Bio-Informaticians but is also used by Geologists, Chemists, Musicians(!) and more. It is written in Java and developed using Eclipse and Maven and as you might guess this has it’s fair share of problems, solutions and exciting revelations. The problem is that we all forget how we solved last weeks problems so it’s probably a good idea we shared them with everyone else.

Anyway, it’s been about 6 weeks with Leopard on my iMac. So far, so good. No major issues. Eclipse clashed with spaces key settings which meant a change to the eclipse keys. The 3d dock is fairly pointless and ditto for the see through toolbars. PHP was easy to set up once I figured out that Apache now lives in /etc/apache2. I even got wordpress working by using instead of localhost for mysql.

However, been having a few Maven/Eclipse issues, things like it will build on the command line but not in Eclipse etc. Probably nothing to do with OSX so I figured it was time for a re-install of Eclipse.

Rule 1 – remember the Java Build Path/Libraries trick for Maven ie. enable dependency management then double click on the Maven libraries in the build path and select ‘Include dependencies and and source folders from modules’. ‘Update Source Folders’ should then work.

Rule 2 – give the eclipse JVM enough RAM to avoid the ‘run out of heap space’ problem. Ctrl/click on the Eclipse App icon, show folder contents and modify the Contents/MacOS/eclipse.ini file. Change -Xmx256m to -Xmx512m and -XX:MaxPermSize=256m to -XX:MaxPermSize=512m (or whatever size you need,I’ve only got a paltry 1GB, should upgrade to 2GB some time).

Oh, another thing. I always forget the settings to run Taverna and new plugins within Eclipse. So, just for the record:

Rule 3 – Remember your ‘Run As’ settings, try something like

-Dtaverna.home=/Users/you/.taverna-snapshot -Xmx512m

But there is one big complaint about OSX10.5 Leopard – where is Java 6 ?! By the time Apple release it for the Mac everyone else will be using 7. This is becoming a bit of an issue for us. I don’t think Apple can claim that they are big supporters of Java anymore until they sort out their act and get 6 out the door. Beta versions don’t count (and fairly screwed up my install of Tiger). Do people really care about Aqua bindings for Ruby and Python? Come on Apple, give us Java 6 for OSX NOW!!