Hellllloooooooo, where are you RESTLet

We are currently developing a little REST based service for the storage of RDF.  It uses openAnzo (2.5.1) and Restlet (1.0.5).  All was going well until the client calls disappeared into a black hole.  No responses were coming back from the server, in fact nothing seemed to be arriving there.  Turns out that when you get a Response back from Restlet it has a stream which it would like you to either read or close, for example:




Otherwise the client keeps trying to send to the server but can’t get an open socket to get there.  Another problem solved!

3 thoughts on “Hellllloooooooo, where are you RESTLet”

  1. So what will this be good for?
    Are you leaving client side
    taverna and allow access with a RESTful interface?

  2. Hi Ian,

    Yes, it is essential to consume the response entity received from a server in order to be able to reuse the socket/connection.

    In Restlet 1.1, there is a release() method that facilitate this.

    Best regards,

  3. We are not leaving desktop Taverna any time soon but we are experimenting with a web based interface which will use the new T2 platform running in a web server, maybe interfacing to it using REST.

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