Sending lots of data using Post and Rails (ie. avoid URI too long error)

I was having problems with a link to remote that I had encoded as follows:

link_to_remote ‘Variable’, :url=> sort_variables_surveys_url(:sorted_variables=>sorted_variables, :search_query=>query, :survey_list => years, :sort => key)

The sorted_variables param was far too big in some cases and returning a ‘uri too long’ error. ┬áSo I scratched my head for a while and then looking at the link_to_remote docs more closely showed that if I wrapped the ‘sorted_variables’ up inside a div like so:

<div id=”sorted_variables”>

<% sorted_variables.each do |variable| -%>

<%= hidden_field_tag “sorted_variables[]”, -%>

<% end -%>


and then added :submit => ‘sorted_variables’ to the link_to_remote call like this:

link_to_remote ‘Variable’, :submit=> ‘sorted_variables’, :url=> sort_variables_surveys_url(:search_query=>query, :survey_list => years, :sort => key)

then it all seems to work fine.