Tab navigation and tooltips

We use the tabifier javascript from barelyFitz in a few places in MethodBox.  However, I wanted it to have a different, more descriptive tooltip than the tab title.  The default code doesn’t seem to do this so I added a couple of little changes to make this happen.

You can see the complete file here but below is a quick synopsis of the changes:

added a boolean to keep track of whether you want a different tooltip than the tab title:

this.differentTooltip = true;

if this isn’t the behaviour you wanted then that’s ok:

if (!this.differentTooltip) {
t.headingText = t.div.title;

however, if the tooltip is to be different then make sure the
link for the tab is correct:

if (this.differentTooltip) {
DOM_a.title = t.tooltipText;
} else {
DOM_a.title = t.headingText;