Ember 1.10

(It’s been a while….)
So, a few months after updating to Ember 1.7 in the Open PHACTS Explorer 2 I had a look at what the Ember folks have been up to. The latest release is now 1.10 with 1.11 just around the corner. Wow. It’s not a straightforward update to 1.10 but not too hard either. Here are the headlines.

each helper

The {{#each}} helper now requires the scope instead of inferring it from the controller. So you need to change



{{#each post in model}}

view helper

Syntax like {{View Ember.TextArea}} is now {{textarea}}. You will see an error mentioning the global lookup of views….

Template compiler

With the transition towards the HTMLBars templating engine you will need to include the ember template compiler in your code. You can get it from http://builds.emberjs.com/release/ember-template-compiler.js.

I have changed my old blog example to meet these new requirements.

Ember is also embracing NodeJS with how Ember apps are created and structured and it is worth looking at Ember CLI to get yourself prepared. It is mentioned on the Ember homepage but the documentation has not yet found its way into the main Ember guides.