Welcome to the blog and general brain dump of the myGrid developers.

We are based at the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester, and we develop myGrid products such as Taverna, myExperiment and various other little bits and pieces. See our github repo for code although we also contribute to other projects eg OpenPHACTS

Over the years there have been many developers but the current development team is:

  • Alan R Williams
  • Alexandra Nenadic
  • Ian Dunlop
  • Finn Bacall
  • Stian Soiland-Reyes
  • Stuart Owen
  • Niall Beard
  • Rob Haines
  • Christian Brenninkmeijer
  • Donal Fellows

We are also part of the UK’s SSI initiative and have the following members as part of our team:

  • Shoaib Sufi
  • Aleksandra Pawlik

We are also very lucky to have a resident Bio-informatician:

  • Norman Morrison

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The developers of myGrid tell of their quest of the code