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Google Summer of Code 2008

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a programme hosted by Google that gives students a chance to work (and paid a scholarship) during the summer 2008 for an open source project.

We’re happy to announce that OMII-UK (the mother organisation of myGrid) has been accepted as one of GSoC’s mentoring organisations. Some of the ideas for OMII-UK development suggests Taverna development, including:

Additionally, the Globus Alliance is also a part of this years GSOC, so if you fancy something that is even more grid-like, have a look at the Globus ideas.

We encourage all interested students to apply now, as the deadline is in a few days on Monday, March 31, 2008 April 07, 2008!

Note that you can even suggest other development in addition to the proposed ideas, given that it would be relevant for OMII-UK or myGrid/Taverna. For instance, if you fancied doing a 3D Taverna workflow visualisation based on Quake, feel free to suggest that. As far as I understand you can apply for several projects within a mentoring organisation.

We are promoting the programme in general, so if you would rather work for some of the other mentoring organisations, you can of course apply for those instead.

So if you are a student or otherwise interested, have a look now, remember the deadline 2008-03-31 2008-04-07.

Update: The deadline for student submissions has been extended by one week until 2008-04-07.

We recommend that you have a look at the advice for students, and that you submit a detailed plan or description of your proposed work.