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Mac OS X plist file improvements


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      I was wondering if the following things can be changed in / added to the plist file for Taverna:

      I see this warning with "Warning: Incorrect memory size qualifier: mm Treating it as m".
      Changing Root->Java->VMOptions from -Xmx300mm to -Xmx300m removes the warning...

      In order to use SSL certificates for connections to resources over HTTPS I used to add them to my Java keystore on Linux, but this doesn't work for Mac OS X. Apple had to do things differently and uses the "Keychain" for all kinds of security including Java keystores. Basically they wrote an implementation of a Java keystore that uses the Keychain for its storage. This Apple specific keystore type is called KeychainStore. To make Taverna work with certificates in a users's keychain the following must be added to the Root->Java->Properties section: = Apple = KeychainStore

      (You don't have to specify the path to the keychain.) In addition the user has to import the certificates in it's "login" keychain off course and for self-signed certificates you'll have to import them in the "X509Anchors" keychain too. Both can be done using Keychain

      See the attached info.plist file for an example.



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