Name Start date Release date Description
Unreleased Outreach wishlist
Unreleased after 2.0 Issues go here if they are for versions later than 2.0
Unreleased 2.0 possibility Things that could go in 2.0 but do not have to
Unreleased 2.0 essential Things that have to go into 2.0
Unreleased Updates to Taverna 1.7.2
Released 1.7.2 Fixes for 1.7.1 that should not wait for 2.0.0
Released 1.7.1 Spring release 2008 - presumable last release before 2.0
Released 1.7 Christmas Release ("t2 7.12") including t2 plugin
Released Update release for 1.6.2
Released 1.6.2 Release to fix any significant bugs within Tavernas core components
Released 1.6.1 Minor release to adopt quick feedback on 1.6 release - 3 weeks after 1.6
Released 1.6 Major late summer 2007 release
Released Update to the Biomart plugin to reflect an update in the Biomart Server itself.
Released 1.5.2
Released new release to sort dependency issue - no code change from
Released OMII release