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      In a few pages, some of the hyperlinks are on the 'wrong' words, which will confuse anyone scanning the page for links. For instance: says:

      Example workflows to help you get started with Taverna 2.1 are also available for download.

      If scanning this page for links one might think this is the link to download.. download what? Let's have a look at the left.. it's Taverna 2.1!

      One could therefore instead put the hyperlink on the most important terms, which might require rephrasing:

      To help you get started with Taverna 2.1, we've made available some example workflows.

      This is though not as confusing as the good old here links:


      Instructions on how to build it can be found here.

      These needs to be rewritten so we can have a hyperlinked terms, in this case perhaps build instructions? Also there's two sets of build instructions, one for 2.1 and one for 1.7. Perhaps:

      Also see how to build Taverna 2.1 from source.

      Also affects: (download) (project, paper) (website) (here) (online) (here, others, people) (double set of Word/PDF) (information, CVS, guide)

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