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myGrid website updates, modifications, fixes.


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      Initial issues have been identified in an e-mail from Alex as follows:-

      Here are some initial comments on the mygrid Web site that perhaps need looking into:

      1. Home page contains list of tools - WF4Ever project is there as well but I am unsure what tool it has produced and what is the tool's name. If it has not then perhaps it needs to be removed, otherwise we need to put SCAPE, BioVel and all other projects too.

      2. I have never heard of KUPKB (that does not mean that it is not s myGrid).

      3. After the initial list of myGrid tools, there is a part on how to download Taverna WB - that needs to be removed in my opinion. Taverna WB is just one of the tools, and not even the most commonly used one. Also, Taverna should not have a separate menu link on the left.

      4. Recent news section needs to be more prominent and not on the bottom of the page.

      5. "." after MethodBox's "browse datasets and share knowledge." needs to go

      6. OMII-UK logo from the top could go to the footer as one of the funders, together with e.g. EU FP7, etc.

      7. "myGrid in use" link could be renamed "Tools in use".



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