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  • [SYSMO-67] - Needs some content in the header
  • [SYSMO-88] - Femke Mensonides list item is very wide
  • [SYSMO-92] - Indicate that a name and email address are required on the registration screen
  • [SYSMO-93] - Sops needs adding to resolr task
  • [SYSMO-102] - SOP search result count includes those not authorised
  • [SYSMO-103] - Upload avatar page is broken
  • [SYSMO-109] - Rendering errors when using ruby 1.8.7
  • [SYSMO-111] - Katy can't run model that she should have permissions for - but when she logs in as me she can


  • [SYSMO-89] - Make change password more noticable
  • [SYSMO-90] - Show SEEK ID on the profile page - but only visible to you
  • [SYSMO-97] - Replace the use of the term Avatar with Picture
  • [SYSMO-98] - List people and institution for projects under tabs
  • [SYSMO-101] - Remove institutions from Project list items

New Feature

  • [SYSMO-26] - Integrate Olgas initial schema for Experimental data
  • [SYSMO-48] - Store basic metadata about Asset
  • [SYSMO-49] - Provide controller and view CRUD access for Experiments
  • [SYSMO-51] - Allow user to create or modify metadata for an Asset
  • [SYSMO-53] - Run models on JWS Online
  • [SYSMO-55] - Display Assets for a project
  • [SYSMO-56] - Retrofit current SOPs work to other Asset types
  • [SYSMO-69] - Add search over SOPs
  • [SYSMO-105] - Add disciplines to peoples profile


  • [SYSMO-5] - Ability to assign roles to Person->Group association
  • [SYSMO-87] - Tidy up tag clouds, and reduce their size
  • [SYSMO-91] - Increase the number is institutions listed for paging
  • [SYSMO-94] - Downcase query before search
  • [SYSMO-95] - Rename Login ID: on forgot password page
  • [SYSMO-96] - Increase page length for sops
  • [SYSMO-104] - Change Topic and Experiment to Investigation and Study

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