Release Notes - Sysmo DB - Version 0.15 - HTML format


  • [SYSMO-816] - wrong message for preview_permission when no person in the database except admin
  • [SYSMO-927] - Get working with the latest rubygems
  • [SYSMO-936] - Update ratom for SSL support
  • [SYSMO-948] - Cannot convert to presentation
  • [SYSMO-996] - AuthorizationEnforcement doesn't work with latest factory girl
  • [SYSMO-997] - Publications should validate uniqueness of pubmedid/doi
  • [SYSMO-1028] - Unknown file type for xml file, when importing biomodel into seek
  • [SYSMO-1042] - :host isn't passed through when generating URLs in the subscription emails.
  • [SYSMO-1043] - Search path is hard-coded
  • [SYSMO-1050] - Under statistic for delayed_jobs, Lock at and Fail at report wrong time
  • [SYSMO-1051] - search results include Biomodels tab, even the external checkbox is not chosen
  • [SYSMO-1057] - Recently added doesn't appear to show presentations
  • [SYSMO-1078] - SEEK Error when updating Specimens


  • [SYSMO-921] - XML for taggable items does not include tags
  • [SYSMO-949] - Draw annotated plots using FLOT rather than google visualisation API
  • [SYSMO-989] - Add ability to test email when configuring
  • [SYSMO-995] - Update to rails 2.3.14
  • [SYSMO-1012] - Allow admins to edit other admins
  • [SYSMO-1029] - search throug biomodel: should explain clearly what external resources can be searched from
  • [SYSMO-1030] - should say 'Biomodel from ebi' instead of biomodel, coz this is the common term
  • [SYSMO-1031] - For model imported from biomodel: make a separating field to emphasize the model is imported from biomodel, with the url to the model

New Feature

  • [SYSMO-979] - Integrate/merge across Nialls BioModels searching
  • [SYSMO-1045] - Show filesize in show view for assets
  • [SYSMO-1063] - Integrate new jQuery based JWS Online simulator


  • [SYSMO-1032] - External checkbox is unchecked after searching
  • [SYSMO-1049] - Saved search needs to record that External search was used
  • [SYSMO-1071] - In subscription email, mention that its for projects subscribed to
  • [SYSMO-1075] - Improve error handling when something goes wrong during an external search
  • [SYSMO-1099] - Allow search for OR terms and reduce min length to 2 chars


  • [SYSMO-820] - Are duplicate activity logs caused by uploading new versions


  • [SYSMO-846] - Link to access project browser frame
  • [SYSMO-847] - Javascript based treeview of folders
  • [SYSMO-848] - Default tree structure
  • [SYSMO-850] - Define nodes that are editable or locked
  • [SYSMO-851] - Support for creating new, renaming and deleting folders
  • [SYSMO-852] - Display assets within a folder with a card like view
  • [SYSMO-853] - Make assets drag and droppable to or between folders
  • [SYSMO-854] - Adding items to assays
  • [SYSMO-859] - Be able to describe a folder
  • [SYSMO-860] - Investigate javascript tree view that supports events and drag and drop
  • [SYSMO-864] - Improve routes
  • [SYSMO-868] - Authorize items in a folder before displaying
  • [SYSMO-870] - Don't allow dropping on the current folder
  • [SYSMO-882] - No root folder, or means to add children to the root
  • [SYSMO-883] - Fix background highlighting when hovering over a tree node
  • [SYSMO-1015] - Needs to limit external searches to logged in people
  • [SYSMO-1016] - Only people that create items should see the Import button

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