Release Notes - Sysmo DB - Version 0.17 - HTML format


  • [SYSMO-1129] - image/jpg mime type should be image/jpeg
  • [SYSMO-1139] - If assay studies are private, the study name is still revealed in the assay show page
  • [SYSMO-1197] - Backward series don't plot
  • [SYSMO-1206] - nil Error changing notification settings
  • [SYSMO-1217] - in resource_list_item for assay, if assay is associated with hidden study and investigation, should display that instead of not displaying
  • [SYSMO-1227] - in spreadsheet explorer columns heading do not have the right width when switching sheets
  • [SYSMO-1228] - model execution environment drop down is too wide
  • [SYSMO-1243] - When deleting an item using delete from the list view on the test server (so may only affect 0.18) I get logged out
  • [SYSMO-1245] - if the the models points to external links, the links appear on out of the box when viewing the model
  • [SYSMO-1246] - if the latest version of an asset points to external link, the download button on previous versions disappear even though they dont point to external link
  • [SYSMO-1248] - Cache for latest downloads/additions doesn't seem to expire any more
  • [SYSMO-1250] - the seek tabs dont allign correctly in jws simulation page
  • [SYSMO-1257] - Harmonize how descriptions are displayed, and make DRY
  • [SYSMO-1259] - Send Feedback link should only be visible to logged in users
  • [SYSMO-1260] - Fix the displaying of the publication abstract in resource list items, when non exists
  • [SYSMO-1262] - Layout of boxes on front page need fixing


  • [SYSMO-1151] - put model simulation related buttons on each model file info
  • [SYSMO-1170] - Modify placement of action buttons on show pages
  • [SYSMO-1182] - Sending site announcement email should be a background process

New Feature

  • [SYSMO-1233] - Support for RDF
  • [SYSMO-1249] - Enable the find related models/data files for data files and models respectively.


  • [SYSMO-1174] - on model simulation page: logged in as is still not alligned correctly with person name, also miss home page link
  • [SYSMO-1181] - Spreadsheet explorer needs to display links
  • [SYSMO-1236] - Move the activity stats (updated_at, downloads, views) up to the top right, and add a download button
  • [SYSMO-1247] - Remove the time threshold on recently added / downloaded items


  • [SYSMO-1183] - authorized_partial_asset_collection: need to identify the point where it is faster to loop through the items and authorize for each
  • [SYSMO-1253] - Upgrade task to force setting jws_online_root to MIB


  • [SYSMO-1234] - Update how NCBI Taxonomy is described, to use a resolvable URI rather than just NCBITaxon:XXXX

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