Release Notes - Sysmo DB - Version 0.19 - HTML format


  • [SYSMO-1186] - Going to Person Adminstration doesn't automatically select current projects/institutions
  • [SYSMO-1198] - Wording for sharing permission preview is confusing
  • [SYSMO-1258] - publication in xml format does not contain the non-seek authors
  • [SYSMO-1301] - Export to EndNote does not retrieve the correct publication authors order
  • [SYSMO-1339] - Subscription reports do not include Publications
  • [SYSMO-1377] - register a publication: need to associate projects before fetching, otherwise receiving error message: projects can not be blank
  • [SYSMO-1385] - can delete the workgroup even it has people inside
  • [SYSMO-1390] - full_cache_path for image files, doesn't match the size if the size has been changed by filtering
  • [SYSMO-1395] - problem removing a workgroup for a person
  • [SYSMO-1397] - Project/Institution selection for person has No Project/No Institution
  • [SYSMO-1401] - when changing the project title, it is not updated on the people index page
  • [SYSMO-1411] - Edit tag in admin manage tags view throws an error
  • [SYSMO-1412] - The PDF conversion setting appears to do nothing
  • [SYSMO-1418] - problem with restarting delayedjob on test server
  • [SYSMO-1419] - When administering a project, the institutions should be listed alphabetically
  • [SYSMO-1420] - If DOI meta data only contains the published year, then it gets added to SEEK as 1st of January
  • [SYSMO-1422] - The modellign analysis type should be "Biological problem addressed" throughout
  • [SYSMO-1427] - some problems with topic, post path
  • [SYSMO-1429] - Incorrect accessible stats for ISA in Content Stats
  • [SYSMO-1430] - Subscription emails contain some minor gramatical errors
  • [SYSMO-1431] - The indicator of whether delayed job is running is wrong
  • [SYSMO-1436] - model image zooms too big
  • [SYSMO-1437] - The datafile is private, but gets showed on the assay page.
  • [SYSMO-1438] - Project manager has problem when changing avatar of yellow pages
  • [SYSMO-1439] - Issue with activity logging or activity reporting
  • [SYSMO-1440] - undefined method `can_see_hidden_item?' when previewing an item in form
  • [SYSMO-1441] - can not disassociate projects from a person, so the person has no project
  • [SYSMO-1443] - Problem reading some feeds, even if atom
  • [SYSMO-1447] - Error registering default user during installation
  • [SYSMO-1448] - Stats for unique users is wrong


  • [SYSMO-1288] - View content of an image should zoom the image, similar to zooming model image
  • [SYSMO-1360] - Improving ISA graphical view by using the other graphical lib
  • [SYSMO-1379] - publiciation author association dropdown list: should load this list once, to avoid slowing down the edit page when number of authors are big
  • [SYSMO-1400] - Change the configuration of mailling account , even after restart, the subscription job still takes the old mailling count set up.
  • [SYSMO-1421] - Admin defined roles should be linked to Project
  • [SYSMO-1423] - No assay type or biological problem string
  • [SYSMO-1434] - Replace the Accounts tab with a gadget
  • [SYSMO-1444] - cache the content and style of spreadsheet explorer
  • [SYSMO-1445] - some datafile show page is slow to load


  • [SYSMO-1327] - check whether 'other creators' are indexed


  • [SYSMO-1433] - Only show the button for Gatekeeper approval if applicable


  • [SYSMO-1229] - generate a list of assets that are waiting for gatekeeper to approve
  • [SYSMO-1361] - Replacing pubmed_query_tool by bio-ruby
  • [SYSMO-1386] - make forum tab configurable
  • [SYSMO-1402] - should have a 'restart delayed job' on admin page, coz when changing some configurable variables, the delayedjob needs to be restarted
  • [SYSMO-1410] - remove graphviz from install guide


  • [SYSMO-1350] - Show fine-grained permissions for the creators if they have manage right, then remove them from privileged people list.
  • [SYSMO-1352] - Generate the list for gatekeeper
  • [SYSMO-1353] - Generate the list for requesters
  • [SYSMO-1368] - display info on the page when exception thrown in the dot generator
  • [SYSMO-1369] - detect the canvas support browsers and let the user know if not
  • [SYSMO-1370] - better to position the panzoom control and node info center vertically, so people dont need to scroll up in a big graph
  • [SYSMO-1371] - when panning on the panner handle, the mouse pointer and the small circle(which identify the pan direction) are not at the same position
  • [SYSMO-1372] - clean out the unused lib parts
  • [SYSMO-1373] - credit cytoscape.js and font-awesome
  • [SYSMO-1376] - test on different IE versions
  • [SYSMO-1389] - ISA Graph code needs updating, to reflect the move away from Dot and GraphViz

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