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  • [SYSMO-1256] - Plot data needs tidying up
  • [SYSMO-1302] - Export to EndNote produces the different author format to the one displayed in seek
  • [SYSMO-1404] - Get javascript error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'opacity' of undefined" when viewing model show page
  • [SYSMO-1426] - project subscriptions duplicate on pals seek server
  • [SYSMO-1428] - The tag weighting for an item are wrong - its using the overall weighting.
  • [SYSMO-1470] - scrollers in the boxes on front page don't appear correctly when the page is zoom in
  • [SYSMO-1473] - check why the sheet has so many empty rows
  • [SYSMO-1480] - check whether pubmed_api_email is still needed
  • [SYSMO-1538] - back button from view_pdf_content does not handle the temp link
  • [SYSMO-1557] - Error when reviewing permissions for advanced project sharing
  • [SYSMO-1581] - There is a problem with restarting the background tasks. exit
  • [SYSMO-1590] - Indexing is missing some terms in an excel file, possibly due to parenthesis
  • [SYSMO-1602] - Undefined method 'name' for institution error, when creating a specimen
  • [SYSMO-1619] - Outstanding VLN-Merge bugs
  • [SYSMO-1656] - remain tag list after the create window is return because of validation failed


  • [SYSMO-1187] - Update support for harvesters and update for Translucent
  • [SYSMO-1354] - Display the PDF View in the SEEK layout
  • [SYSMO-1365] - Refactoring of Download and Upload handling
  • [SYSMO-1417] - cache the menu tabs
  • [SYSMO-1502] - Simulate breadcrumb leads to a 404 error
  • [SYSMO-1509] - When exploring the ISA view, provide a preview of the selected item
  • [SYSMO-1527] - create methods all_authorized_for and authorize_asset_collection for Person class
  • [SYSMO-1528] - JQuery UI elements for scales should be removed from assets/images
  • [SYSMO-1539] - biosamples should keep the state of the selection when using history to go back to the page
  • [SYSMO-1549] - improve the loading speed
  • [SYSMO-1559] - Investigate and integrate a Rich editor for descriptions
  • [SYSMO-1617] - the related tabs dont look nice
  • [SYSMO-1655] - Improve the look of the ISA graph view


New Feature

  • [SYSMO-609] - Add tagging to Events
  • [SYSMO-1364] - DOI Creation
  • [SYSMO-1452] - Handle people leaving projects
  • [SYSMO-1475] - encourage users to include a README file when adding a model
  • [SYSMO-1492] - Link publications and presentations
  • [SYSMO-1493] - Allow users to suggest ontology terms
  • [SYSMO-1563] - Embed the Faceted Search into search result: one facet list for all asset type


  • [SYSMO-1366] - Refactor out polymorphic nature of contributor and always make it a person
  • [SYSMO-1537] - gracefully handle 'quit' http method
  • [SYSMO-1562] - Fix to the PAL icon tooltip
  • [SYSMO-1572] - Seek::Config.dm_project_name Pal role should be changed to a generic name: Project Pal
  • [SYSMO-1591] - Allow project roles to be set from the project admin page


  • [SYSMO-1375] - Install guide should update the configuration of multiple seek instances on passenger.
  • [SYSMO-1378] - the contentblob of not latest version is not searchable
  • [SYSMO-1511] - Refactor and rethink how things are linked together and related items are found
  • [SYSMO-1582] - Make it possible to choose AND or OR for the search result


  • [SYSMO-1548] - on IE10, a 'x' icon appears inside the search box if typing something into it, but delete the text by this button does not refresh thing
  • [SYSMO-1622] - Ontology synchronisation needs updating
  • [SYSMO-1623] - RDF generation for assays needs fixing
  • [SYSMO-1624] - Use alternative partials for some views rather than configuration
  • [SYSMO-1627] - Scales needs consolidating
  • [SYSMO-1629] - Refactor and modularise treatment and biosample attributes
  • [SYSMO-1630] - Seed data
  • [SYSMO-1632] - Configure whether remote resources should appear as links or not
  • [SYSMO-1633] - Fix text for when an index list is empty
  • [SYSMO-1638] - Check and addresss remaining MERGENOTES
  • [SYSMO-1640] - Problem with treatements schema changes
  • [SYSMO-1645] - Strange redirection behaviour when logging in after a search
  • [SYSMO-1651] - Descrepency in publication related people
  • [SYSMO-1652] - Sort out upgrade tasks

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