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  • Niall Beard, Rafa Jimenez, Milo Thusrton, Chris Taylor, Aleksandra Nenadic (minuting)


 1. Minutes' taker

 2. Last meeting's actions

 3. ECCB abstract update

 4. TeSS update

 5. TeSS planning

 6. AOB

Actions from last week


 New actions

  1. Action on Aleks: merge workflows branch onto master to be ready for ISMB
  2. Action on Milo: update TeSS@OX server with the latest code and see why it is down
  3. Action on Niall/Milo: get TeSS@OX off Google results. Perhaps need another Google search console for TeSS@OX and then tell Google to not index it.
  4. Action on Niall: get everyone access to Google search console for TeSS
  5. Action on Aleks: create issue on Milo for investigating why scrapers delete existing resources when they cannot find anything my scraping
  6. Action on Niall: create issue for Aleks for adding a box on materials in TeSS for linking to external resources (e.g. or BioSharing)
  7. Action on all: comments on ISMB poster by tomorrow
  8. Action on Niall and Aleks: submit TeSS and BioSchemas posters for ECCB (ask Martin and Rafa for comments)
  9. Action on Niall and Aleks: ask Terri if she could 'woman' the potentially TeSS poster at ECCB, if accepted

 Agenda go-through 

TeSS update

Workflows developed on a separate branch, Finn working on them. Still some things need to be finished off but they can be merged onto master so that Niall can demo them at ISMB. See relevant actions.

Issue with searching for 'TeSS' in Google - there is another training postal called 'TeS' which is very confusing and misleading. Need to investigate more how Google indexing works, how to demote and promote terms. We have our TeSS search console with Google, so some tweaks may be necessary. Also need to make sure that TeSS@OX does not show up before the real TeSS. Actually it should not appear at all. See relevant actions.

Scrapers - a chain of related issued. RDFa scrapers stopped working as there were updates to the underlying RDFa library - we need to bring our scrapers in line (already an issue for that in GitHub). Also when scrapers do not find anything, they tend to delete the existing content in TeSS - need investigating. See relevant actions.

TeSS-ELIXIR registries integration

Interesting call recently, with the DK node and others (Hedi, Fred). Concrete actions to start implementation, relatively simpl - minutes at Simple linking in TeSS of materials with tools and policies/standards in and BioSharing - no need to display anything yet in TeSS just the possibility to link via a URL as additional or related resources. See relevant actions.

ISMB poster

Done by Niall, reviewed by Aleks. Please send comments by tomorrow.


TeSS and BioSchemas papers rejected. To resubmit as posters - deadline ~22 July. Aleks and Niall to look into transforming them into poster abstracts and sent to Rafa and Martin for comments. Who will travel and 'man' the posters, if accepted. Martin and Terri?

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