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Niall (minuting), Aleks (chairing), Milo, Chris


DONE    Action on Aleks: merge workflows branch onto master to be ready for ISMB

DONE    Action on Milo: update TeSS@OX server with the latest code and see why it is down

Attempted - Updated action -  Action on Niall/Milo: get TeSS@OX off Google results. Perhaps need another Google search console for TeSS@OX and then tell Google to not index it.

DONE    Action on Niall: get everyone access to Google search console for TeSS

DONE    Action on Aleks: create issue on Milo for investigating why scrapers delete existing resources when they cannot find anything my scraping

DONE    Action on Niall: create issue for Aleks for adding a box on materials in TeSS for linking to external resources (e.g. or BioSharing)

DONE    Action on all: comments on ISMB poster by tomorrow

ONGOING   Action on Niall and Aleks: submit TeSS and BioSchemas posters for ECCB (ask Martin and Rafa for comments)

ONGOING    Action on Niall and Aleks: ask Terri if she could 'woman' the potentially TeSS poster at ECCB, if accepted



1. Minutes' taker
2. Last meeting's actions
3. TeSS update & planning
4. AOB


Excellent developments in the workflows stuff. Example link here

Product is looking well finished and has a smooth experience. Currently renders markdown descriptions - we could technically just embed our links to training in the text using markdown ... but it might also be good to allow explicit links to resources (e.g. training, event, standard, tool etc) in another tab - the experience would be similar to how annotations / keywords are added. 

Version 1.0 release scheduled for Sept - with all the features ported

Search Console

Niall: Situation is that searching TeSS ELIXIR brings up our site with a main link to TeSS and then a sublink to the old defunct TeSS site. I've tried to demote this sitelink in search console but to no effect. Might be better to explicitly define the site and pages by creating our own Sitemap. 

ACTION - Milo to create a sitemap for TeSS

Failing RDFa Scrapers


Milo: Misconfigured Library causing scraper to delete when failed

Aleks: Failing RDFa scrapers - All need to be ran in Sandbox mode.

Milo: Haven't been able to try and fix a few. 

Some have had page has changed. Some had references changed. 

Milo busy with BioSharing stuff. 

Quite crucial so Niall will pick up 

ACTION: Niall, as high priority, should test and fix all RDFa scrapers

Niall: Other priorities are for poster 22nd July and RDFa scrapers 

Niall: ISMB report - Slovenian Moodle has more content, need to show them bioschemas and how to mark up in call. Talked to ELIXIR-DK- not sure about EDAM Mapper - seems like a self contained java application - don't know if it can be ran as a service easily. If it has a UI, we are screwed. New API for is looking very good 

Chris Taylor - TGAC rebranded. Been focusing on producing new training content rather than the portal. Looking at possibly using a moodle platform. Chris Bennett is developer who is creating Earlham institute - Applying to whole website. Can possibly bend his ear if need to get Earlham training materials structured for aggregation into TeSS.



Action on Niall and Aleks: submit TeSS and BioSchemas posters for ECCB (ask Martin and Rafa for comments)

Action on Niall: [as high priority] should test and fix all RDFa scrapers

Action on Milo: to create a sitemap for TeSS. Include Home, About,  Material, Event, Workflow, Package

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