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Aleks (minuting), Niall (chairing), Milo

Actions from last time  

  • Action on Niall: [as high priority] should test and fix all RDFa scrapers - DONE
  • Action on Milo: to create a sitemap for TeSS. Include Home, About,  Material, Event, Workflow, Package - DONE
  • Attempted - Updated action -  Action on Niall/Milo: get TeSS@OX off Google results. Perhaps need another Google search console for TeSS@OX and then tell Google to not index it. - ONGOING

  • Action on Niall and Aleks: ask Terri if she could 'woman' the potentially TeSS poster at ECCB, if accepted - DONE

  • Action on Niall and Aleks: submit TeSS and BioSchemas posters for ECCB (ask Martin and Rafa for comments) - DONE


1. Minute Taker 
2. Actions from Last Week
3. Progress Report
a. Workflows
b. Scrapers
c. SEO and Social Media
d. BioSchemas
4. ECCB Abstract Submission
5. AOB

Agenda go through

Actions: Niall contacted people wrt comments for Bioschemas and TeSS posters for ECCB - Terri sent comments for the TeSS abstract and no comments on the Bioschemas one - Niall will submit them today.

Cron job and scrapers - need updating to ruby 2.2.2 and were still failing. Niall fixed this and they run on his machine - need to port to production.

JSON-LD annotations on Data carpentry lessons template - Aleks had this idea and Niall created a pull request to DC about adding JSON-LD header to lessons, to include annotations and metadata about training material in question. Pull requests accepted.

Task of assigning random resources to training materials - assigned to Aleks but she has no development time atm, best to do a separate model and not use annotations gem, will be reassigned to Finn.

BioSharing links to TeSS materials, see example at: Once the task of enabling links to resources is done, we could make the links from TeSS -> BioSharing in the other direction based on Milo's spreadsheet.

Another BioSchemas thing - aggregate SWC/DC templates to BioSchemas and start promoting these templates. E.g. Collaborations WS promotes the use of software with licences, perhaps we can get SSI to strongly promote there templates.

ECCB abstracts for TeSS and BiioSchemas are going to be submitted today by Niall.

New actions

  • Action on Niall: contact Google about demoting site links
  • Action on Milo: send the .csv file with TeSS-BioSharing mappings to Niall


  • None