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Niall, Finn, Milo, Terri, Chris



Last Weeks Actions

  • Niall - order new stickers

    • ongoing

  • Niall - enable TeSS tagging for for-profits

    • ongoing

  • Niall - investigate Twitter feed; don’t pursue ‘spotlights

    • a work in progress… need an automated feed (not enough resource to do this ‘personally’). 

    • CT: There is a big training community on Twitter. can help to gain traction in the Twittersphere - it can help to show which tags to use/follow. Could also be used for scientific topics/domain of application.

  • Niall and Terri - meet and discuss implementing EMBER workflow next week

    • DONE

Tech Developments

-- Bug fixes to scientific topics

 Finn’s been working on debugging this. Good progress.

-- improvements to workflows

 Finn’s also been working a great deal on the workflows, so there’s good progress there. Has been fed the outcomes of Niall and Terri’s meeting yesterday.

--Milo is away next week, then back, then away. He may be able to contribute a little in between these breaks. Currently, his commitment is at the level of 1 day per week. He might have a few days in hand.

Content Feeds

Many developments here. Niall has written an extensive guide.

-- EBI events? - Sarah requests advertisement of course.



---- Almost ready for parsing. Work ongoing as currently some errors to fix, owing to changes on their side. 

-- Slovenia JSON-LD extension Ales + Brane

 Earlham also have a Moodle instance. Would be interested in the developments between TeSS/ELIXIR-SI Moodle. Meeting in a couple of weeks.

-- BioExcel - Vera Matser

-- BMTC - Ralph Weber

-- Thermo Fischer - Xose.Fernandez

-- Pedro Fernandes' materials

-- Spanish materials incoming from Oscar (new Spanish TrC)

-- SC and DC JSON-LD template pull requests accepted. Not sure what's going on with updating existing.

-- -- 

-- Increasing number of online/webinar requests. Need to implement online/offline boolean. Started working on it. Should be done in next week or so.


-- Began implementing EMBER workflow

-- Will have one for info and one for instructions

-- Came up with lots of new requirements from Terri and Niall meeting yesterday

 Action: Niall to notify Terri when the workflow is sufficiently stable to allow Terri to make edits.


-- TeSS Directory in WP11 folder  

-- Discussions with BD2K about bioschemas

-- Masters student Ruopeng developing semi-automated scraper

NETTAB software demo and poster deadline: 12 Sept.

ECCB: poster needs to be printed, all else is in hand

New Actions

 Action: Niall to notify Terri when the workflow is sufficiently stable to allow Terri to make edits.

  • None