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Niall, Finn, Terri



Last Actions

  • Niall - order new stickers

    • DONE

  • Niall - enable TeSS tagging for for-profits

    • DONE

  • Niall - investigate Twitter feed; don’t pursue ‘spotlights

    • a work in progress… need an automated feed (not enough resource to do this ‘personally’). 

    • CT: There is a big training community on Twitter. can help to gain traction in the Twittersphere - it can help to show which tags to use/follow. Could also be used for scientific topics/domain of application.

  • Niall to notify Terri when the workflow is sufficiently stable to allow Terri to make edits. 

    • DONE

Content Feeds

  • Documentation about adoption being drafted by Martin Cook
  • de.NBI, SIB, are all prepared to integrate in their site. Need to send them documentation
  • Meeting with EBI about a JSON API they have. Also keen on adopting
  • Oncourse funding is running out so they're keen on getting it in TeSS while they have a bit of dev time
  • Been working on Belgian and French feeds - ironing out bugs. 


  • Need to drive forward with the workflow creation workshop
  • Submitted software demo abstract to NETTAB
  • Import Common Workflow Language workflows as base to create workflow discussed with Michael Crusoe 


  • TeSS to go to TCC - funding secured but won't be until at least after December
  • TeSS now included in Bioschemas implementation study 
  • Writing article about the integration with - not sure if best saved for long TeSS paper though
  • Feedback on Registry integration from a user perspective Implementation study 
  • Also a material button on events - for events that have training materials attached
  • Search bar for tools in edit material form
  • ORCID integration -- proposed as BD2K collaboration
  • Rewrite of Events metadata

New Actions



  • None