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Niall, Milo, Terri


Designing TeSS pens with Prem to hand to students of ELIXIR courses - Will have TeSS logo and TeSS URL in white down the side. 

Schedule to release latest TeSS code to produciton on Tuesday.

Developed JS API Client in BioJs - Used Swagger to generate boiler plate interface -very impressed how easy and smooth the process was. The API is quite basic and could do with lots of features. Will add issues for new features like:

  • interfacing with count API
  • Iterating over full set (generating 'next page', 'last page', 'show all' links)
  • Resolving proxy link
  • Output to GeoJSON?
  • Returning set of available facets to filter on

Action Niall: Will talk to Guillermo whether implementing these as part of his widget project would be in scope

Action Niall: Will use this JS API client in Google maps widget

Finn finished proxy - Now redirects to source and keeps track of which resource, which widget, and time in a local table.

Action Niall: Will go through and add and assign GitHub issues

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