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Requirements for Taverna 3 data bundles.

For history, see previous specification idea from 2011: 2011-02 Data bundle


Taverna Data bundles:

  • structured folder layout which form a distributable ZIP archive
  • purpose of containing data for or from workflow runs, ie. replace old "baclava"
  • should be possible to contain/embed workflow bundle
  • should contain provenance of workflow run (ie. be a Workflow Run Bundle)
  • should be possible to embed intermediate values
  • based on a proposed "RO bundle" (See below).

Proposed products

With estimates in 'ideal developer-time' (Stian).

RO bundle specification: (2d Done)

RO bundle Java API: (3d 5d)

  • based on JSON-LD and Java 7 Filesystem providers
  • Browsing and adding of resources in folders

Updated Data Bundle specification: (4d)

  • based on the RO bundle
  • To be used by developers in BioVel implementing this in Ruby
  • Defines similar structures as the old 2011-02 Data bundle document:
    • Individual data values (String, bytes, URLs)
    • Lists
    • Error documents
  • Should be written like a lightweight specification, not wiki page

Data Bundle Java API (4d 3d):

  • based on RO Bundle Java API and Java 7 FS provider. Just a DataBundle helper, similar to java.nio.Files? (isErrorDocument(), openWorkflowBundle() etc)
  • high level exposure of Taverna data bundle structures for creation and browsing
  • Might or might not replace or complement the Taverna 3 Data proposal
  • Draft:

The work of development of API vs. spec is naturally interlinked, and developing the Data Bundle might require fixes to RO Bundle.

Estimate and schedule

Total wild estimate: -13d
Adjusted estimate (2013-04-29): 12d

  • Start: 2013-04-30
  • Finish: 2013-05-30
  • None