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Application Channels

There are three release channels for each application :

  • dev - for testing updates within the developer team
  • beta - for beta testers
  • stable - for updates to the released application

Applications for each channel are built by selecting the profile for the required channel. Each product's maven build has profiles for dev, beta and stable. e.g. in the taverna-workbench-product the dev profile is defined as 

Deploying an update to an application channel

Application updates are deployed to a channel for the application being updated. The Taverna update site is at The update is deployed by building the a project in Jenkins.

For example, to deploy an update of Taverna Workbench to the dev channel the t3-taverna-workbench-dev-update is built.

Procedure for releasing a Taverna Workbench 3 update

Update to an implementation module

  • Check out the taverna-workbench-product module (should be a snapshot version)
  • Check out the module to be updated
  • Check the version of the module is correct for the changes to be made. For an implementation module the version will normally have the micro version part incremented from the last released version. e.g. if the last released version is 2.3.2 the version would be 2.3.3-SNAPSHOT
  • Make changes to the modules and install to local repository
  • Update the dependency for the updated module in the taverna-workbench-product pom (i.e. change to snapshot version)
  • Build the taverna-workbench-product module
  • Run Taverna Workbench to test the update
  • When tests have passed release the updated module (remove SNAPSHOT, check in, tag, deploy, update version to next snapshot)
  • Update the dependency for the updated module in the taverna-workbench-product pom (i.e. change to released version)
  • Deploy the taverna-workbench-product module to the dev update site
  • Test the update in development versions of Taverna Workbench
  • Change taverna-workbench-product module to release version (remove SNAPSHOT, check in, tag) and deploy to the stable update channel
  • Update taverna-workbench-product module version to next snapshot version


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