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Not yet updated to Taverna 3 Engine/Platform/Commandline

Not yet updated to Taverna 3 Workbench:

Updating to Taverna 3 includes:

  • changes for new workbench model (SCUFL2)
  • using JSON configurations
  • using OSGi services instead of Raven/SPI registries
  • converting modules to OSGi bundles

Things that should be done in general

  • Remove all SPI resource files META-INF/service
  • Remove provenanceconnector module and provenance dispatch stack layer
  • Generate default activity configurations from JSON schema
  • Validate activity configurations against JSON schema
  • Test update mechanism

Things that should be done to Workbench:

  • Replace mechanism for saving recent workflows and service provider configurations. Currently serialised as xml files by xstream (implemented in workflowmodel-impl)
  • Remove UIComponentSPI and UIComponentFactorySPI interfaces
  • Add UI support for multiple SCUFL2 profiles
  • Add UI support for multiple execution environments
  • Add UI for managing workflow runs
  • Generate default activity configuration UI from JSON schema
  • Move service descriptions from workbench UI

Things that should be done to Server:

  • Complete the update to use SCUFL2 and Data Bundles --> α1
    • --> requires working T3 command line tool
  • Exposed status model --> β1
    • --> requires coupling of back-end to message bus
  • None