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This diagram is an attempt for an high-level overview of the Taverna 3 architecture.

To edit the diagram, use lucidchart or download the Visio version.

The components of the architecture:

  • An OSGi platform, with the Taverna Platform API
    • implemented by Taverna Core 
      • executes a workflow using the Taverna Engine
      • uses Activity plugins for the different service types (WSDL, REST, Biomart, R scripts, command line tools, etc)
    • also implemented by the Taverna Server client which uses the Java Client library to proxy running of a workflow on the Taverna Server
    • The Taverna workbench to design and run workflows
      • UI plugins for each service type
      • executes workflows using the Taverna platform API
    • The Taverna command line which executes workflows using the Taverna platform API
  • A Taverna Server, which exposes the Taverna platform API as a REST API and SOAP API for executing workflows
  • Taverna Player, which use the Ruby client library to execute workflows on the Taverna Server
  • Taverna Lite, which also uses the Ruby client library to execute workflows, but also manage a repository of workflows and allow user interactions.
  • None