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These are the myGrid team members:

ORCID is used is used as unique identifier as it identifies people against other researchers with similar names. It should be used in academic context where one is asked to identify oneself, e.g. when publishing a paper or contributing to StackOverflow. If a Web site has not yet adopted ORCID explicitly, then simply specify your ORCID URL as your "homepage" or as a bookmark. (You can always link to your real home page from your ORCID profile).

Current Core Team Members



 Pinar Alper  

Finn Bacall  

Niall Beard


Sean Bechhofer

Christian Y A Brenninkmeijer  

Ian Dunlop 

Donal Fellows

Matthew Gamble

Carole Goble, group leader

Robert Haines 

Aleksandra Nenadic 

Stuart Owen 

Norman Paton


Aleksandra Pawlik  

Stian Soiland-Reyes


Natalie Stanford

Shoaib Sufi 

Alan R Williams 

Current associates


Past Members or Associates

Sergejs Aleksejevs    
Constantinos Astreos    
Jiten (Jits) Bhagat   
Khalid Belhajjame

Mark Borkum    
Oscar Corcho
Phillip Cotter    
Don Cruickshank  
Suzanne Embury    
June Finch    
Paul Fisher
Jeremy Frey    
Andrew Gibson    
Antoon Goderis    
Alasdair J G Gray
Helen Hulme  Helen_Hulme 
Duncan Hull @dullhunk
Simon Jupp @simonjupp
Bharathi Kattamuri    
Phillip Lord    
James Marsh    
Philip McDermott    
Danius Michaelides    
Georgina Moulton    
Luc Moreau    
David Newman    
Rory Newton    
Eric Nzuobontane    
Tom Oinn   
Mannie Tagarira    
Franck Tanoh    
Daniele Turi    
David Withers   
Anil Wipat    
Christopher Wroe    
Quiwei Yu    
Ed Zaluska    

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