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Discussion around passing credentials

  • to an enactor (specifically the OSGi platform)
  • to the Taverna Server and 
  • from the Taverna Server to its enactors

Major issues appear to be:

  • How to cope with multiple credential managers (one per run) in a single OSGi platform
    • Note that different users will almost certainly be running on different platforms
  • How to deal with security "poking" activity types such as caGrid
  • Where/if to store credentials when submitting a workflow to a server/portal
    • Possible need to keep credentials somewhere so that users can start runs e.g. from a phone
    • Danger/worry of keeping credentials

Note that BouncyCastle is available as an OSGi bundle.

Immediate work:

  • Alex to work on passing credentials to the command line tool (which is the current basis for the server)
  • Donal to put in "glue" for credentials between the server and the command line tool.  The API for passing the credentials to the server already exists.
  • David to continue working on porting the activity types into the OSGi platform.
  • None