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Scufl2 has moved to Apache (incubator) 

Information in this section is out of date!

As of 2011-02-09 (working towards 0.5), the features/status of SCUFL2 are roughly:

  • A complete (as of the engine's capabilities) workflow model with workflow structure and execution profiles
  • A Workflow Bundle "structured zip" format for containing workflows, execution profiles, metadata and associated resources
  • An RDF/XML format with an XML schema - can be parsed both as RDF or pure XML
  • URI scheme for workflow components and activities (currently implicit in t2flow parser and in Java annotation on t2activities)
  • An OWL ontology for workflow bundles and workflow structures (slightly outdated)
  • Wiki pages describing the formats and ontologies (outdated)
  • An API which can load t2flow workflows and save a .scufl2 bundle (but not load .scufl2 or save .t2flow)
  • API to inspect, modify and create workflows
  • Simple text-like format for viewing workflow structure
  • (Courtesy of David) translation to live t2core instances that can be executed on the platform

Not all of these are complete. For instance the ontology and wiki needs to be updated, and many activity types are still not translated from t2flow.

The API and RDF/XML format/schema is 'model complete' as that it can completely describing any executable Taverna 2 workflow, but needs additional hooks for metadata such as annotations and runtime environment (plugin versions, etc). 


0.5 - preview

This will be the technical preview which will be used by the preview of the Platform and Taverna 3. It's due in February/March 2010, but it's unfortunately affected by when Stian goes on paternity leave.

The Jira issues scheduled for 0.5 can be sorted into must-haves and should-haves. Of highest importance:

  • t2flow parsing for Nested workflow and XML splitters
  • t2flow parsing of Iteration strategies
  • t2flow parsing of Dispatch layers (done, except Loop)
  • Loading from .scufl2 bundles (parsing the RDF/XML)
  • Expose 'resource' folder directly from WorkflowBundle rather than through the UCF Package
  • Work as OSGi Spring services

Although updating of ontology and wiki and additional Taverna activities are also important, they are not strictly required for usage by Platform and Taverna 3.

0.9 - beta

Should be feature complete, so also do:

  • t2flow parsing of all Taverna 2.3 activities (including standard plugins)
  • Include and publish Taverna 2.3 property definitions ("schema" per activity - to be extracted from t2activities java annotation)
  • Include plugin/taverna versions used, some kind of upgrade mechanism
  • API access to metadata, maintaining/updating workflow identifiers
  • Validator which can report structural issues
  • Fill-in-the-blanks helpers for easier workflow creation
  • Use/embed Taverna defaults instead of exposing default dispatch stack and configurations
  • Complete and published wiki/schema/ontology
  • Command line tool for conversion and simple queries
  • Documentation on how third-party activities can be made "scufl2 enabled"

1.0 - release

Mainly bug-fixes of 0.9 features. Could also include side-features:

  • Pure RDF import/export
  • JSON import/export
  • YAML import/export
  • Diagram generation
  • Load .scufl (Taverna 1)
  • Save .t2flow
  • Taverna 2.x plugin for load/save as .scufl2

Whiteboard briefing

Snapshots of whiteboard briefing 2011-02-09:

  • None