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This page is outdated and might refer to SVN repositories at Google Code.

Apache Taverna 3 source code is available at

Taverna 2 source code is available at



This tutorial will walk you through how to check out and build Taverna's source code using Eclipse.
Also see other documentation on Taverna source code for more details.

First we'll assume you have installed Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (3.6.1 / Helios SR1 or later), the m2eclipse Maven integration plugin version 0.10.2 or later, the Subversive plugin, and Apache Maven 2.2.1 or later. See prerequisites for details on how to obtain and install this software. If you are new to Maven we also recommend you have a look at the online Maven book Maven: The Definitive Guide.

Maven 3 not yet support

Due to changes in Maven 3, this tutorial does not yet recommend you to use Maven 3.0 for building Taverna. You should use the latest 2.2.x version of Maven.

Do you need to build from source?

Most users would not need to build Taverna from source code, and should download a compiled version of the Taverna Workbench for their operating system. As Taverna is developed in Java, there is no advantage of recompiling the source code on a specific platform. The official releases also include the source code, and should be more straight forward to build than following this tutorial.

As the Taverna runtime is using a plugin system called Raven, it is important that the individual Taverna modules are configured with the right inter-dependencies. At some stages of Taverna's release cycle, this might not always be the case on the trunk checkout, which could cause problems such as service types missing, duplicate menu entries, downloading of missing dependencies or Taverna Workbench not starting.

The compiled nightly builds will provide the bleeding edge view of Taverna, just like building from trunk - and can be downloaded and run out of the box. As these downloads are built every night, they are a good indication on whether you will be able to run Taverna checked out from the newest source code, and at what stage the development version of Taverna Workbench is in.

Taverna plugin developers should not need to checkout the source code, but are recommended to follow the plugin development tutorials, which will detail how to create a Taverna plugin using Maven tools. Source code for Taverna modules included in the plugin will be retrieved automatically by the m2eclipse plugin for inspection and inspiration.

This tutorial is updated to work with Taverna 2.2.1

1. Checking out from Subversion

The first step of this tutorial shows how to use Eclipse to browse and checkout the Taverna source code from myGrid's Subversion source code repository.

2. Configuring Maven

Before building Taverna, we'll tweak the Maven configuration in Eclipse.

3. Building Taverna using Maven

After checking out Taverna we'll compile and build from source code using the Apache Maven tools.

4. Importing modules into Eclipse

At this stage we'll import the individual modules of Taverna into Eclipse to inspect the source code.

5. Running Taverna from Eclipse

In this step, we will show how to run Taverna from within Eclipse, useful while editing the source code.

6. Debugging Taverna

In this step, we will show how to debug Taverna using Java's remote debugging and Eclipse, and how to configure Taverna logging levels.

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