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For use with MySQL

First you need to drop the mysql-java-connector.jar file from the mySQL website into the lib/ folder of the Taverna installation directory.

You need to edit the file

to include the following settings. This file can be found in the standard TAVERNA_HOME directory, which is $HOME/Library/Application Support/taverna-<taverna-version>/ on Mac, $HOME/.taverna-<version>/ on Linux, or Documents and Setttings\<user>\Application Data\taverna-<version>\ on Windows XP.

It is essential at this time, that the Database name in the jdbcuri is T2Provenance, as this database is hard-coded into the MySQL provenance SQL queries

The T2Provenance database must exist before Taverna can be run using MySQL.  If you do not have permission to create a database, ask your system administrator to do so for you.

Derby with Client/Server instead of the Embedded driver

Add the following properties to the config file "DataAndProvenance-6BD3F5C1-C68D-4893-8D9B-2F46FA1DDB19.config" described above:

Note: the should be an underscore in start_derby

if you wish to run your own separate derby server instance, then don't define start_derby, and define the port as port=<port>

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