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myGrid provides mirrors of official Maven repositories, in addition to our own repositories.

Repo 1 and BioMoby mirrors is a mirror of the official Maven Central repository repo1, synced every night. We've found it beneficial to use our own mirror as the official mirrors can be unreliable or at times slow.

We've also mirrored the BioMoby repository at, as the connections to their server in Canada can be flaky at times.

To use these for your own Maven installation, edit $HOME/.m2/settings.xml and make sure it has this <mirror> section:

Restlet mirror is a mirror of the Maven repository for Restlet. You generally don't need to use this mirror unless you are developing against the Taverna Remote Exceution Service, which uses Restlet.

As the upstream repository is only updated twice a month, this mirroring is only done weekly. To use it, try:

.. assuming that the POMs using the original repository uses:

myGrid repository is the official myGrid repository for released Taverna artifacts (stable versions). Every modules of every release from Taverna 1.5 and up are deployed in this repository. There are also a few non-myGrid artifacts deployed here for supporting 3rd party libraries that were not properly deployed in the official mirrors, for instance axis-saaj-1.4.pom.

To use Taverna artifacts from your projects, you need to add the a repository section to your POM:

There are also two mirrors of the myGrid maven repository, but unfortunately the updates are not currently working:

myGrid snapshot repository contains snapshot versions of the source code. After Taverna 2.0, such snapshots are deployed nightly by Hudson.

All Taverna artifacts have this repository listed already through their parent, but for separate projects you would need to include a repository section for it like this:

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