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Scufl2 has moved to Apache (incubator) 

Information in this section is out of date!


The SCUFL2 language is the abstract set of constructs that define a Taverna workflow.

This has been formalized in an OWL ontology, which is used by the scufl2-rdfxml module of the SCUFL2 API to serialise the Taverna workflow bundle.


This section is unfortunately incomplete. Some of the deeper pages might be outdated and use an different RDF syntax. The Workflow Bundle Format serialize RDF/XML files specified with an XML schema, not N3/Turtle. The authoritative source for serialization is the SCUFL2 API and its example.

At the core of this is a workflow bundle, which combines a set of workflows and profiles.

You can browse a serialisation of using the SCUFL2 ontology within a Taverna workflow bundle in this example:

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