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Scufl2 has moved to Apache (incubator) 

Information in this section is out of date!


The definition of a workflow, its processors, inputs/outputs and links.

  • Bundle path: /workflow/\$name.n3

Each nested workflow (and nested nested workflows etc.) exists in a separate file within the /workflow/ folder in the bundle. The bundle's research object defines what is the top level workflow.


Each workflow must have a unique name within the bundle's workflow files. The base part of the file name (excluding extension) must match the scufl2:name of the workflow.

Workflows used in a particular research object are globally identified as <$uuid/workflow/$workflowName/> - for instance <>.

As it can be useful to identify nested workflows included in several workflow bundles, each workflow must also have a scufl2:workflowIdentifier property, which URI must be on the form <$uuid>, for example <>. It is responsibility of the software creating or modifying the workflow to generate a new workflowIdentifier as soon as the workflow has changed. (The randomly generated UUID of the workflow must not match the UUID of a research object or any other workflow.) The owning research object should then also be assigned a new UUID. (Note that editing metadata and bindings in other files don't update the workflow, but still update the research object.)

The workflow file should set the @base to the form <workflow/$name>} so that nested resources can be referenced relatively, like {{<processor/$processorName>.


This example defines the workflow "HelloWorld". It contains one workflow input port and one workflow output port, in addition to a single processor and two datalinks.

The nested resources for this workflow, such as InputWorkflowPort , OutputWorkflowPort, DataLink, Processor and their children should be described in the same file as the workflow itself. Additional metadata should be added to an /annotations/ file.


  • scufl2:name (required) gives the programmatic short-name for this workflow within this bundle. This must be unique among the other workflows.
  • scufl2:workflowIdentifier (required) gives the globally unique URI defining this workflow. See Identifier above.
  • scufl2:inputWorkflowPort (optional) All workflow input ports defined for this workflow.
  • scufl2:outputWorkflowPort (optional) All workflow output ports defined for this workflow.
  • scufl2:datalink (optional) All datalinks defined between workflow and processor ports in this workflow. (Note that if this is a nested workflow, its outside links are defined in the parent workflow)
  • scufl2:processor (optional) All processors in this workflow.

All nested workflow resources should also be defined in the same archive file as this workflow. Their URIs must be relative to this workflow, their type and scufl2:name. So for instance <workflow/Helloworld/processor/Hello> is a scufl2:Processor in <workflow/Helloworld>, and has a scufl2:name "Hello".

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