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This page is outdated and might refer to SVN repositories at Google Code.

Apache Taverna 3 source code is available at

Taverna 2 source code is available at



The source code of Taverna 2 is kept in a Subversion repository, hosted by Google Code Project hosting.

NOTE: Google Code will shut down in 2016 - see an archived SVN tree at


Note that historic source code (Taverna 1) is archived in our SourceForge CVS repository- any Taverna 2 related modules in CVS (like t2core) should be empty as Taverna 2 code has moved to the Subversion repository described here.

A copy of the SourceForge CVS repository is available at


Code repositories

Checking out Taverna from source

Checking out the source

Follow the Checking out Taverna source code, compiling, running and debugging tutorial for a step-by-step guide on how to check out, build and work with Taverna's source code.

Repository structure

Basically all the source code for a Taverna Workbench Build is organized below the /taverna folder. The top-level folders are:

  • /taverna - The source code for Taverna and supporting libraries
  • /unsorted - New/experimental modules that are not yet sorted inside /taverna
  • /wiki - Back-end for the Taverna Google Code wiki pages (not used)

The /taverna folder is organised by category, which again contain individual Maven projects. The projects have "full" names like net.sf.taverna.t2.core, reflecting their Maven groupID, and have the Subversion standard trunk/branches/tags folder structure:

This structure makes it possible to release each of these projects independently, as they will have their own version numbers and tags/branches. As there's about 20 of these projects, they are again organised into main categories:

  • parent Common Maven parent POM that says how to compile, deploy, etc
  • utils Independent utilities that are not really Taverna-specific
  • engine Workflow engine, including infrastructure (raven/plugin manager) and the standard activities
  • compatibility Support for loading Taverna 1 workflows
  • ui User interface for Workbench
  • products End-products packaging based on all of the above, such as the Taverna Workbench or Taverna Command Line.
  • dev Maven archetypes, XML schemas
  • builds Virtual build trees for all of Taverna - if you prefer to check out everything at once

See the documentation about Maven modules for further details about the content of these categories.

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