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Taverna Products are Maven source code trees that do not themselves contain any code, but which are used to assemble the distribution, add launchers and coinfigurations files, and package this as installers. You can think of a product as the last build step before having a downloadable/executable software distribution. Each product includes their required modules from the common Taverna source code.

The code for products are included as JARs, built in other Maven modules. These are either retrieved from the myGrid Maven repository, or (for Taverna 2.4 and earlier) built as the last stage of a combined build tree.

For Taverna 2.4 and earlier, the products were maintained in SVN under taverna/products:

For Taverna 2.5 and later, the products are split out from the SVN build tree and moved to the Taverna Github organization in order to better facilitate domain-specific distributions. Each product now includes install4j Maven integration in order to build the OS-specific installers.

See the README of the individual products above for details about their build mechanism.


taverna-commandline-product and taverna-workbench-product have several "edition" branches, one for each domain-specific builds. Each domain-specific build extends the core branch by modifying the plugin set (and ensuring the repository folder is populated for those plugins), but may also modify configurations such as the default service sets.

  • core - for any domain - general activities (WSDL, REST, Beanshell, Component, Interaction, etc) - also basis for the other branches (can be considered the 'master' or 'trunk' branch)
  • bioinformatics - formerly maintenance, adds BioMart, BioMoby, Soaplab, corresponding default services and BioCatalogue
  • digitalpreservation - core + WebDAV
  • biodiversity - core + WebDAV + BioDiversityCatalogue
  • astronomy - core + AstroTaverna plugin (+ VAMDC? Need to clarify license)
  • enterprise - core with all possible plugins (needed? (question))

The edition branch name is incorporated into the artifactId and as a Maven property ${edition} - e.g. taverna-commandline-biodiversity - note if you create a new branch/edition you might need to change both the artifactId and the Maven <properties>. The final name with edition is reflected in the generated installers.

Each combination of product and edition have a corresponding Jenkins product build which name corresponds to the final artifactId. They are built with -Pdist to produce the OS-specific installers.


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