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Tutorials for developers to get started with working with Taverna or developing plugins for Taverna.

Checking out Taverna source code, compiling, running and debugging

This tutorial will walk you through how to check out and build Taverna's source code using Eclipse. Also see other documentation on Taverna source code for more details.

  • 1. Checking out from SubversionThe first step of this tutorial shows how to use Eclipse to browse and checkout the Taverna source code from myGrid's Subversion source code repository.
  • 2. Configuring MavenBefore building Taverna, we'll tweak the Maven configuration in Eclipse.
  • 3. Building Taverna using MavenAfter checking out Taverna we'll compile and build from source code using the Apache Maven tools.
  • 4. Importing modules into EclipseAt this stage we'll import the individual modules of Taverna into Eclipse to inspect the source code.
  • 5. Running Taverna from EclipseIn this step, we will show how to run Taverna from within Eclipse, useful while editing the source code.
  • 6. Debugging TavernaIn this step, we will show how to debug Taverna using Java's remote debugging and Eclipse, and how to configure Taverna logging levels.

Creating plugins for Taverna 2

These pages describes how to create a plugin for service invocation and configuration in Taverna 2.5.

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