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testing on windows 7 with Java

JCE Warning (Christian)

Workflows from 2.4 starter pack (Christian)

All work with the follow exceptions as bin/sh not available

  • example_for_external_tools_with_zip_and_unzip_208995.t2flow
  • numerically_adding_two_values._557465.t2flow
  • simple_python_example_285475.t2flow
  • unix_tool_service_using_string_replacement_16330.t2flow


  • Webservice used no longer valid


R Scripts (Christian)

Tested with the RShell-Tutorial-NM4Biodiv.ppt (Dec Biovel training)


Other Biovel Dec Manchester Tutorials


Unexpected request for Master password for Credential manager (Christian)

Verified it already acted this way in Taverna 2,4 (by Alan)

Run with JCE but without a Credential manager setup

Tried Katy's Workflow: InterproScan without Looping

  • Dialog asking for master password for Credential manager pops up
    • After clicking cancel several times workflow runs as expected
    • So why is this popup happening here?
  • Even pops up when just editing the workflow

Suggestion for Credential Manager

  • Offer a default of master password of "taverna"
  • If user choose "taverna" warn them that they are operating insecurely
  • Then whenever the Credential Manager master password is required check the expected hashcode against the hashcode for "taverna"
    • If it matches assume user does not want to deal with the master password
  • Alternatively add an empty used_default_master_password file as you do with do_not_warn_about_JCE_policy file
  • If they press cancel instead of providing a password same as above.
  • User can change their password to turn of this insecure mode.
  • Testing without JCE shows max password is 7 characters "1234567" worked bit "12345678" failed
    • various 7 digit passwords tested incl symbols and caps and all worked.
    • 7 character limit applies to password for credential manager not passwords saved in the credential manager
      • Tried a 10 character user name and 19 character password with success




  • None