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We have developed a RapidMiner plugin for Taverna.  This plugin exposes all of the data-mining operators from RapidMiner as services that can be used in Taverna workflow system.  In order to use this plugin you will need both a version of Taverna 2.2.0 / 2.3.0 and access to a RapidAnalytics server (see below).

The Taverna plugin should be considered a beta as a beta release and we would be happy to assist anyone who is interested to use the plugin or learn more about it.  If you want to have a quick play with it you can you our local RapidAnalytics server running at The University of Manchester.  For more information please e-mail rishi.ramgolam [at]

The RapidAnalytics server can be access at . Login with username: guest and password: password


Taverna can be downloaded from

RapidAnalytics can be downloaded from ** setting up your own RapidAnalytics server will require additional patching steps before the plugin can be used correctly **

Adding a Rapid Miner service

1. Expand Rapid Miner Services

2. Browse through the tree to find a suitable service, alternatively you can search for your desired service in the Filter textbox above.

3. Drag and drop the service to the Workflow Diagram

4. In the dialog that pops up, configure the selected service as explained next.

Configure a Rapid Miner service

When you add a Rapid Miner service to your workflow, you can configure the services input, output locations along with its parameter configurations.

The first page in the dialog shows the services input and output locations.  You can use the Browse button to explore your RapidAnalytics repository and chose a location with the Use Location button.  Alternatively if you leave the field empty, a location will automatically be generated during execution of the workflow - blank input location fields will be exposed as ports in the Workflow Diagram to chain together services.

The second page has a table of the services parameters it can take,  if you wish to use a selected parameter simply check Use and enter a value in the Value column pressing Enter to finish.  Once you're happy with your configuration press Finish to return to the Workflow Diagram.

RapidAnalytics Repository Browser

RapidAnalytics server

The Rapid Miner plugin depends on a RapidAnalytics server.  If you want to try the plugin you can use our local RapidAnalytics server running at The University of Manchester.  For access information please e-mail

rishi.ramgolam [at]

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