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This is the homepage for the up-coming Taverna 2 Platform workshop.

Workshop Contents

The workshop will cover two primary areas: Firstly the Taverna Platform, the mechanism by which components from Taverna such as the enactment engine, reference manager and similar can be used in isolation without the user interface as elements in your own applications, services or tools. Secondly we will cover the mechanism for authoring, describing and publishing plug-in implementations to extend Taverna in various ways, including new processor types, data reference mechanisms and user interface components.

The workshop is intended for reasonably experienced developers, it will be a very hands-on two days with the Taverna 2 code alongside the myGrid team. In general you will be attending because either you are already involved with Taverna in some way (as an integrator or plug-in developer) or you anticipate that you may be in the future.

Dates and Registration

  • Location : University of Manchester, UK
  • Starting : 9.30am 18th February 2009
  • Ending : 5.00pm 19th February 2009
  • Registration deadline : 11th February 2009

The workshop is free of charge to attend, although you will be responsible for your own travel and accommodation costs. To sign up please use the form here


The workshop will be held in the Alan Turing Building in the university, directions to which can be found here . We'll be in room G.105 on the ground floor (the atrium).

There will be a dinner on the evening of the 18th, venue yet to be decided (but there's an Italian restaurant in the city which looks promising). Lunch will be in the atrium outside the training room on the first day but we'll have to head over to the Computer Science faculty for lunch on the 19th. There's a cafe selling coffee just outside the training room.

Meeting up on the 17th

If, like me, you'll be up in Manchester the evening before the workshop you can edit Pre-workshop meeting up to say what your plans are and coordinate with anyone else. I'm provisionally suggesting finding drinks somewhere in the city as I'll have spent the day getting the workstations ready for the course (and will probably need beer).

There are many places to stay near the university, some suggestions with approximate prices are:

Out of the above I've stayed in the IBIS and Palace, the latter of which is considerably better but of course costs a lot more. The IBIS is closer to the university as well, although all the above are within a short walk.


For the course we will be using workstations in the training room, so you do not need to bring a laptop. If you do want to bring your laptop we cannot guarantee that it'll be possible to connect to the network in the training room (although it may be, we just don't know yet). To avoid issues with software installation etc we will be using a virtual machine image running Fedora linux, so if you want to use your laptop for the actual course you will need to have the VMWare player installed and a minimum of 2gb RAM.


This is a list of everyone we're expecting to see at the workshop at the moment:

  • Niall Haslam
  • Peter Li
  • Nigel Ferguson
  • Trond Gjertsen
  • Morris Swertz
  • Richard Holland
  • Alessandro Campi (replaces Marco Masseroli)
  • Mark Wilkinson/Edward Kawas
  • Mahmut Uludag
  • Federico M. Facca
  • Jiten Bhagat
  • Stephen Crouch
  • Yew Bie Cheng
  • Donal Fellows
  • John Brooke
  • Pawel Sztromwasser
  • Matus Kalas
  • Håkon Sagehaug
  • Shaun McGlinchey
  • Mahmoud El-Gayyar
  • Tero Oittinen
  • Sami Maisala
  • Tuure Takala
  • Stian Soiland-Reyes
  • Alan Wiliams
  • Alex Nenadic
  • Giles Velarde
  • Jerzy Orlowski
  • Sergejs Aleksejevs
  • Kevin Benson
  • Asif Akram
  • Gareth Smith

If you'd like to tell us (and the other attendees) more about your work feel free to edit Attendee details, just create a section for yourself and start writing.

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