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8th October 2013, Botanical Garden and Museum, Berlin

The pro-iBiosphere project has ‘the goal of addressing technical and semantic interoperability challenges and preparing the ground for the creation of a system for intelligent management of biodiversity knowledge which will improve the present system of taxonomic literature.’

With this in mind they invited a representative of the BiodiversityCatalogue to deliver a presentation and host a hands on session in order to assess whether the BiodiversityCatalogue is a fitting system for their purposes. Along with this another presenter, Cherian Mathew, delivered a presentation on how Taverna workflows can be used with Web Services from BiodiversityCatalogue.

After the presentation and hands-on sessions, an extensive critique into BiodiversityCatalogue was had by the group (of 15 or so Biodiversity Scientists).

These covered suggestions for:

  • changes in UI
  • improving the quality assurance of Web Services
  • new features that could be implemented.

The outcome of the meetup is that Anton Güntsch, the host of the meeting, will write up a report about the system, its benefits, and suggestions for the future.

The tone at the end was very positive, and he encouraged all the Biodiversity scientists present to begin uploading their web services to the site.

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