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  • Get DOI (digital object identifiers) for content of portals, so that people might get cited
  • Execute taverna from a spreadsheet (As excel plugin), not Spreadsheets in Taverna (for SysMO-DB)


  • Spoke with guys from the Meandre workflow system, about potential collaboration between them and Taverna. They were particularly interesting in using the Taverna 2 User Interface as an interface for the Meandre system, as they are not interested in writing their own from scratch. Since this fits in well with our plans for the NGWB, and a potential test case that we have good seperation between the interface and workflow system I set up a meeting with Shaoib and Stian, the outcome from which was that we would be in contact when we are clearer with our plans and schedule.
  • Meandre is a built heavily upon RDF and Java, and its big selling point it that you can create and test workflows locally, and migrate to running in a highly scalable HPC environment very easily without any modification tot he workflow.
  • Meandre recommended the use of Google Protocol Buffersas a means of creating a platform independent interface between the NGWB and the underlying workflow engine and model.
  • Saw an interesting talk on Retrofitting Semantics by Norman Gray, and the use of SKUAas a Semantic Assertion Collection (SAC) which I've been looking at as a potential solution within Sysmo-DB.
  • Saw a demo of OSCAR and spoke with Peter Murray-Rust about potential integration with Taverna. Integration via a webservice was concidered a possibility. Put in touch with Peter Li, as this is relevant to ChemTaverna. (OSCAR is a text mining tool for chemistry).


  • Went to an interesting talk about Lensfield. Could be useful for storing results from cheminformatics workflows in a RDF format.
  • Talked to Simon Woodman from CompSci Newcastle University about plans to integrate DiscoveryBus QSAR Cloud services with Taverna workflows
  • Also saw a demo of OSCAR which is a tool that recognises names of chemical compounds in text. Might be useful to use the OSCAR tool in workflows.
  • Talked to Ravi Madduri about CaGrid services. Offered to come up with new ideas for workflows using CaGrid services.
  • None