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Add your travel plans to this page if you're heading up to Manchester on the 17th February and would like to meet up with other people doing the same.

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  1. 2009-01-16

    I'll be arriving on the 17th - Manchester Piccadilly at 16:49 - and staying at the Ibis on Charles Street. The Indian restaurant on the ground floor at the Ibis is really good - maybe dinner/drinks there?

    1. 2009-01-20

      Just a tiny warning about Ibis (probably they've fixed this by now):

  2. 2009-01-20

    Sounds like a reasonable plan to me - I'll definitely be there but haven't decided where I'm staying yet!

  3. 2009-02-11


    Add three of us (Håkon, Matus and Pawe?) to list of beer-thirsty. We are coming to Manchester around 1830 and staying at MBS. When the place (Ibis?) and time is agreed, could someone send an email to all the workshop attendees?

    Cheers, Pawel

    1. 2009-02-12

      I will stay at MBS as well, arriving early afternoon. Good idea if the email can be sent to all workshop attendees, otherwise please include me in the email as I would like to join the pre-workshop meeting.

    2. 2009-02-12


      I will arrive in Manchester Airport at 18:30 - if anyone else fancies sharing a taxi then let me know on (44) 7708218718. I'll be up for beers - staying at the MBS. Niall.