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  • Day: Tuesday, 18th March 2008
  • Time: 10.00 am
  • Room: Atlas 2

Agenda / Content of these minutes



Attending and minuting 

Minuting: Stian

Attending: Carole, Bharathi, Alex, Stuart, David, Ian, Alan, Franck, Stian, Paolo

Actions from previous meetings

  • David: produce OMII components list
  • Stuart: discuss the RDF storing of provenance with Marco
    Marco's in Manchester in April, delay until then? Same week as Morris is here, 7th-9th of April or so.
    Stuart to follow up to arrange a trip for Paolo to Amsterdam
  • Alan: Speak with Stian about the WADL and feeds for WF decay project.
    Done, they also talked to Jits about RSS feeds
  • Jits/Stuart/David: Plan myExperment plugin for Taverna
    Put off until after release
  • Alan: Look into putting the T2 health checker behind the new T1 plugin.
    Done, although not sure what this action means, might be some misunderstanding in previous minutes.
    There is already a button in the t2 plugin, so we'll keep that.
  • Katy: send biocatalog proposal text to Marco
    Done, Marco confirms received.
  • Marco to talk to Stian regarding security in BioAssist?
    Done, will talk today with Machiel


Talk about OMII-UK face 2 face

Looking at having the OMII-UK face2face 8.-9. of May 2008 in Southampton.

Engage interviews, to be anonymised, pass over to staff, break down and see how components fit together, potential integration work

Carole: Last f2f worked good because we also did something..

OMII-UK web-site

There is a prototype, but we've spent too long on this..

Let's just sit down and do the website over some coffee!

We can all do the website at f2f! We'll really have to figure out the CMS system before that then, though              .

Google summer of code

OMII-UK applied, and got accepted by Google! Our project proposals include "AJAX based Workflow Editor", "Extending Taverna to integrate MatLab", and "Taverna and Grimoires Integration." 

Carole mentions an iGoogle gadget project outside SoC. There's a new iGoogle platform coming up with the ability for the gadgets to talk to each others. It will be your dashboard.Other


Alan asks: Anything about metrics?

Team A


Sent out a provenance document that did not get much feedback.

From the dispatch stack there's a provenance layer that uses a provenance hook in the context. Some XML output. 

Meeting with Marco and his merry men in some kind of use-case chat?

1.7.1 release

Ian and Stuart looking at t1 requirements, we might need to slip a bit (a week) before code freeze.

Initially we where thinking of releasing end of March with code freeze on Wednesday 2008-03-18. Moved 5 working days, new code freeze is Friday 2008-03-28.

Team B

Jits is at EBI.. or.. not yet, says Tom, he's going to pick him up.

Tom has been out of action last two weeks for good and bad reasons. Coming up tomorrow for two days.

Team C

API consumer for t2 

Initially said that we would not do API consumer, but we can do it with the extra week. Can anyway be done later.

Tom thinks it will take two weeks, so better to move it.

t2 monitor

A new monitor for t2 with a diagram, uses the SVG. Even shows nested workflows internal progress. We could make a kind of selection of how detailed you want to see the progress.

Tom talks about the 3d progress visualisation dream from three years ago.

Marco wants a progress overview that is understandable.  

Making it more interactive, clicking on a monitor.

The workflow instance has a monitor access method that should have been used.


Changes to t2 plugin so you can have multiple runs/results.

Marco has a weird iteration bug that is caused by iteration over an empty lists (that should have contained a list), Tom believes this is fixed in t2.

Alex started working on a keystore w/GUI for saving username/password.

Stian to talk to Ravi & gang about security.

MyProxy/GridSAM for Taverna

Bharathi: MyProxy plugin for Taverna. Carole: "who is the example end user?" Potential GridSam users who wants to run jobs on the grid through Taverna.

Marco: Any information about GridSam? Could be potential use-cases with them. He met some bioinformaticians who was writing job submission and job monitoring systems, but this is exactly what GridSam is supposed to do. The Sarah team.

Lots of issues with setting up a test environment for Bharathi. For instance, file transfer. The user would have to install a small FTP server. Zarah is parallell computing, they will have FTP servers.

Bharathi will write a plan about the grid things.

Zara to hire Grid programmers.

Team frog

Taverna manual almost in order, version number parametrized.


Planned for end of April. 

Prototype website, design by Rebecca

Categorise current content.

Need a new "face" of Taverna.

Current website is very "dead", doesn't show when something is new or fresh

Automated archiving, outdating things

Include a blog? Ian to be chief blogger / ranter!

InstantSoap is part of the family, but needs to be sorted out.

Soaplab2 is a bit more tricky, but we can point to it.

Outreach without any roadmap.. but perhaps a schedule. 

Lots of contact with Rebecca.

Ian recommends CSS Zen garden to look at various designs

Workflow decay

A bit worried that the project is falling behind. Trying to do chats with John every day at 14:00. Perhaps we need to do this by phone instead of IRC?


Katy is training today, Franck focused on example workflows and annotating them.

Antoon's annotations to be put into the metadata tabs of the workflow.

Services without annotations and without descriptions. 

Workflow examples - how to annotate the services - we need a better GUI for that. Carole suggest (as a 3rd year project) to do some kind of "Google Map" over the workflow diagram, clickable and annotatable.

Translating some documents from English to French. 


Any t2 documentation for computer scientists? Stuart will send some links to some design docs.

Synchronisation with Scott, about VBrowser, a resource/grid browser. BioCatalogue stuff. Wants to see it integrated with myExperiment.

Carole: Ketton_?_ from Johan's VBrowser team is coming in May/June on how to cooperate Taverna with vBrowser. Taverna to design workflow, Moteur currently to execute workflow.

Marco: Seems there are some parallel activities we need to merge

Taverna engine running over grids..


  • Are the minutes of the myGrid meeting public? -Yes

We need a proper public facing wiki (undetermined which implementation), and throw away the old myGrid wiki (twiki). We can still keep a development wiki (Confluence)

Take wiki discussion offline!


Anyone who did not speak, speak now!

Stian had a check of licences. Our dependencies are mainly licensed as Apache, BSD-like or LGPL. There's one exception that is under GPL, called Talisman. (An old product written by Tom and others at EBI). Since we can't include GPL dependencies without releasing Taverna itself as GPL (instead of LGPL), we'll exclude Talisman. Note that Talisman was already disabled in the profile so nobody using Taverna recently were downloading Talisman anyway. (Note anyway that one part of the LGPL license is that the receiver can choose to "upgrade" the license to GPL).

Upcoming milestones / Cross Team Scheduling Issues

Already covered.

As Friday is a bank holiday we'll reschedule the team leader meeting.

Jira support handover

SQL local worker, but some licensing issues as the mySQL connector is under GPL.

Upcoming meetings

Some meeting about registrys, 2008-03-31 in Southampton. Jits and Don are coming, they'll do the opening keynote.

OGF23 in Barcelona, Stian is going.

Funding news


T2 Process discussion


Any other business (AOB)


Minuting for the next meeting

Not decided.

Previous/next minutes

Previous meeting: 2008-03-11

Next meeting: 2008-03-25