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  • Day: Tuesday, 01/04/2008
  • Time: 10.00
  • Room: Atlas 2

Meeting Agenda/Minutes


Jits, Katy

Attending and Minuting

Minuting: Alan

Attending: Franck, Stian, Paolo, Alex, Bharati, Stuart, Ian, David, Alan, Paul, Carole, Marco, Machiel, Tom

Actions from Previous Meeting

  • Paolo: to agree with Marco on his trip to Amsterdam - ongoing
  • Stuart: to set an agenda for the 8-9 April meeting in Manchester with Marco - ongoing
  • Bharathi and Alex: security use cases - done
  • Alan: to send an to email Neil on facts and figures - ongoing
  • Alan: to put stories on web site for users to vote on - ongoing
  • Alan: to put the Taverna 1.7.1 release news on the website - done
  • Alan: to go through the web site design with Carole - ongoing

OMII Operations and Management

The face2face meeting will take place in Southampton for one day on Thursday 8th May.  Possible work includes going through the ENGAGE interviews and working on the OMII website.

Not clear why Southampton video facilities are not used for the OMII website.  The Southampton website was praised by Carole.

OGF need registration.  Stian and Alex are going. 

Report back/Upcoming from Team A

Stuart has been working on the 1.7.1 release and the Taverna 2 stories.

Paolo has been working on the Sealife project.  He has also worked on the schema and database for annotation.  He intends to hand this work over to Ian. 

Report back/Upcoming from Team B

Jits was not present.  Carole gave a report.  myExperiment has moved to its new server.  It may move to RAILS2; a decision table of risk analysis will be created to evaluate how to proceed.  The myExperiment meeting also discussed portals v myExperiment and characterised myExperiment.

myExperiment will gain staffing via the e-obesity project.  A portal expert is likely to be hired.

** Action on Carole to writeup the myExperiment meeting's decisions and send it to Marco. 

Report back/Upcoming from Team C

David has been working on monitoring and will move on to working on the T2 stories.

Stian has been doing outreach in particular with arcGrid.  Some applications have been received for the Google summer of code.  The applications for the MATLAB plugin look promising.

Alex has been working on the caGrid security scenario and on the credential store.

Bjharati has been workingon the myProxy plugin.  It will be released in the next few weeks.  She has also been talking to Machiel.  There is an issue because GRIDSAM does not support gLite.  There was a discussion about the reporting of GRIDSAM bugs.

 ** Action on Bharati to write the documentation for the myProxy plugin.

Report back/Upcoming from Team Frog

The test javahelp implementation worked well.  Integrated contextual help should be included in Taverna 2.0.  This requires conformance to certain styles both for the documentation and the Java code.

** Action on Alan to write the style guide.

Work on the website is progressing.  Alan has received the first wireframes from Rebekah and is producing a response.  There was a discussion about the required characteristics of websites.

A partial implementation of the Workflow Decay service, including a REST interface, has been received.  It relies on a database so Alan has not got it to work yet.  Since the Workflow Decay work is progressing (and it is not costing us anything) it has been decided  to let it proceed.

Report back/Upcoming from Training, Outreach and Curation

Carole reported that the person hired for BioCaralogue is database oriented.

Franck will be giving a Taverna tutorial in France.

Franck annotated the example workflows for Taverna on myExperiment.

** Action on Alan to tag the Taverna workflow workbench examples group.

** Action on Alan to ensure the annotated versions are used in the 1.7.1 release.

Franck is annotating services for Jano.

There was a discusssion of where to keep Franck's list of services. 


Marco is sending details of his wiki pages to Franck.  The meeting in Manchester will discuss data transfer and also Molgenis.

Next week there is the NBIC monthly meeting on Monday. 

Round-table from Floating Team Members

Paul will be sitting in on an iPlant session and will have T2 slides just in case.

** Action on Tom to put his user-oriented non-technical T2 slides on the EBI website and send link to Paolo and Paul.

Upcoming Milestones/Cross Team Scheduling Issues

T1 release progress

Decided to remove activity palette plugin.

Stuart is handing over the build to Stian.

** Action on Stian to ensure that "dubious examples" are not included in the release.

** Action on Franck and Paul to test out 1.7.1 as sent out by Stuart.

** Action on Ian to write the release notes. 

T2 planning

 Stuart, David and Alan went through the stories and allocated the priority 1 and some priority 2 stories to teams.

** Action on Stuart to put the selected stories on the Wiki and break them into tasks and firm-up the estimates. 

Support Hat and JIRA Review (alternate weeks)

David handed over to Tom.  There is one outstanding issue relating to a user reporting test failure during a build.

Upcoming Meetings

Paolo is going to Eli Lilly to attend the kick-off meeting.

Stuart will attend a CARMEN progress meeting.

Marco and Katy are going to ISMB. 

Funding News

Carole had left when this topic arose. 

Any Other Business (AOB)

The Taverna sourceforge website may have gone haywire.

Stian encouraged blogging. 

Minuting for the Next Meeting


Previous/Next Minutes

Previous meeting: 2008-03-25

Next meeting: 2008-04-08