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  • Day: Tuesday, 22nd April 2008
  • Time: 10.00
  • Room: Mercury

Meeting Agenda/Minutes


Marco, Jits

Attending and Minuting

Minuting: David

Attending: Alan, Alex, Carole, Constantinos, David, Franck, Ian, Katy, Paolo, Stian, Stuart, Tom

Actions from Previous Meeting

  • Stuart to finish and email stories. Done
  • Marco needs to conclude all portal work with Stuart. Ongoing
  • All teams to split up stories into tasks. Ongoing
  • Ian to speak to Bruno about writing up all the rest like T2 document MyGrid list. Done
  • Edinburgh to decide on timings before agenda can be finalised - Stuart to chase. Done - Agenda on OMII staff list
  • Marco to invite Machiel to face2face meeting. Done
  • Paolo to send Marco info on Semantics. Done
  • Alex to arrange security meeting with Tom. Done
  • Notes on Bioassist meeting to be circulated - Marco. Ongoing
  • Marco to set up data meeting. Ongoing
  • Antoon to set up Bio Group meeting Ongoing
  • Choose attendee for All Hands meeting (NESC meeting in July 17-18) (Stuart) Ongoing - Carole to follow up

OMII Operations and Management

F2F agenda finalised. There will be time for 15 min side chats.

Action Stuart - Send OMII F2F agenda to mygrid list.

Action All - Send email to Stuart if you didn't receive OMII F2F agenda on the OMII staff list.

Workflow decay: John to write a document about what the workflow decay service does.

General T2

How do we address T2 GUI consistency and compliance. 

Use the Java Look & Feel guidelines. Should externalise string to allow for internationalisation.

Should be able to use Taverna without a mouse - need to specify hot keys.

Action Stuart - Set up wiki page with gui coding guidlines

Obscure module names (maelstrom,cloudone etc) - should we be using more sensible names? 

Current names not helpful for external developers.

Action Stuart - Change module names to be more sensible.

Report back/Upcoming from Team A

Config Manager almost done. Colour Manager stub written. Some work on serialization and annotation.

Paolo has had two papers excepted on T2 Provenance and Curation Provenance

Ian has got SOGSA up and running 

Report back/Upcoming from Team B

Jits is away. 

Report back/Upcoming from Team C

Alex had a meeting with Tom about implementing security agents.

Stian looking at Raven bug - class is loaded twice. Estimate to fix 3 days. Also talking to Ravi

Looked at Biomart problem with missing versions. This has now been fixed on the Biomart server. 

Report back/Upcoming from Team Frog

Instant Soap

Repository is still down. There is a raven bug affecting the Taverna plugin.

Should be released on 21st April.

What is the difference between InstantSoap and Soaplab2?

Workflow Decay

Beta release looks good, Atom feed done.


  • Mix of relative/absolute urls
  • Intervals between runs is confusing: activities time is behind workflow time
  • Needs scaling testing
  • User athorisation could be a problem but wasn't in original spec.


There have been several drafts - not impressed: break web standards and can't tell what's clickable.

There is money for web designer - John Brooke to recruit.

Report back/Upcoming from Team Tom

Feedback from caGrid on security document.

Working on activity palette.

Fixes to p2p document

Discussion about Shibboleth scenario with caGrid.

Action Tom - forward email from caGrid to Alex.

Action Alex - put design decisions on wiki. 

Report back/Upcoming from Training, Outreach and Curation

Franck has been to Sigenae meeting Rennes and presented Taverna and myExperiment.

A Taverna tutorial  has been written in French but it uses Taverna 1.4.

Annotating NCBI services - hace to add parameters to Pedro manually.

Katy has done two training days:

  • Manchester - all bioinformatitions, person from AstraZeneca interested in caGrid
  • Newcastle - students building workflows - will be put up on myExperiment

Casimir paper work is ongoing

OMII newsletter - article about T-REX 

Report back/Upcoming from BioAssist

Marco is away. 

Round-table from Floating Team Members

Constantinos - Jeremy Cook, from eSysbio, wants to adopt Taverna

Upcoming Milestones/Cross Team Scheduling Issues

Upcoming Meetings

OMII-UK Taverna poster + myExperiment poster, updated with all our exciting metrics (like the number of users etc). required for Industrial Forum (Digital60) - needed for next Monday

Action Alan & Carole - write posters for Industrial Forum

Open Source Grid and Cluster Conference 12 - 16 May. Stian to go.

Funding News

Action Carole - send caGrid contract to mygrid list.

Any Other Business (AOB)

Taverna 1.7.2 release. Needs to be planned for next iteration.

OMII f2f travel. Train to Southampton on 7th, back on the 8th

Google Summer of Code. Two projects - Matlab processor and Semantic workflow thing. 

Minuting for the Next Meeting


New actions

  • Stuart - Send OMII F2F agenda to mygrid list.
  • All - Send email to Stuart if you didn't receive OMII F2F agenda on the OMII staff list.
  • Stuart - Set up wiki page with gui coding guidlines
  • Stuart - Change module names to be more sensible.
  • Tom - Forward email from caGrid to Alex.
  • Alex - Put design decisions on wiki.
  • Alan & Carole - Write posters for Industrial Forum
  • Carole - Send caGrid contract to mygrid list.

Previous/Next Minutes

Previous meeting: 2008-04-15

Next meeting: 2008-04-29

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