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  • Day: Tuesday, 29th April 2008
  • Time: 10.00
  • Room: Atlas 2

Meeting Agenda/Minutes


Carole, Tom (Hibernate course), Katy, several attending BioCatalogue startup.

Attending and Minuting

Minuting: Franck Stian

Attending: Paolo, Paul, Stuart, David, Alan, Stian, Constantinos

Actions from Previous Meeting

  • Marco - Conclude all portal work with Stuart
    (Stuart is not sure what it is, ongoing)
  • All Teams - Split up stories into tasks
    Should be all done
  • Marco - Notes on Bioassist meeting to be circulated
    ?, ongoing
  • Marco - Set up data meeting.
    ?, ongoing
  • Antoon - Set up Bio Group meeting
    ?, ongoing
  • Carole - Choose attendee for All Hands meeting (NESC meeting in July 17-18) 
    ?, ongoing
  • Stuart - Send OMII F2F agenda to mygrid list Done
  • All - Send email to Stuart if you didn't receive OMII F2F agenda on the OMII staff list
    Done..? No emails received - but Alan signed up from the website
  • Stuart - Set up wiki page with gui coding guidlines
    Done, see Coding guidelines
  • Stuart - Change module names to be more sensible
    Done, but cloudone still survives in the package name until Tom does refactoring
  • Tom - Forward email from caGrid to Alex
  • Alex - Put design decisions on wiki
    Done, see T2 security thoguhts
  • Alan & Carole - Write posters for Industrial Forum
  • Carole - Send caGrid contract to mygrid list

OMII Operations and Management

  • There's an upcoming board meeting with the PIs coming up on 2008-05-16, Alan will be asked for some more stats. Not sure if this should include April stats.
    Papers published metric? Should we include papers not yet published (but accepted)? Action Alan to ask Neil for details.
  • OGF23 in Barcelona (Alex is going from here), there might be an OMII-UK stand - but not if there's not enough people
  • Face 2 face - nothing changed so far. The Manchester team will arrive "early" (around 19:40) and meet up with the other OMII-ers for a meal. Action Stuart to sort out travel/hotel arrangement and check with Tom if he needs hotel.

T2 Progress Discussion

Discussed Stories of this iteration #1 , that finishes next Tuesday, so we'll have to bump down some of the stories.

T2-7 Modify existing WSDL-activity (Alex) - investigating different Axis libraries etc.

T2-5 Harden security API - waiting on Tom. Implementation vs. interface confusion. Alex is probably assuming Tom is doing this.

Alex also has T2-6 Naive implementation of security agents and container. Subtask T2-7 or make a new story to investigate? Need to remove one of these for the iteration.

T2-8 Data manager refactoring - (Tom) - ongoing.

T2-10 API consumer - no work done yet, but it's been broken down into tasks - to be knocked out?

T2-12 Scalability framework - broken down - to be knocked out.

T2-2 Configuration - largely done.

T2-1 Colour manager - it's a stub, some bits missing. It's there as a test of the T2-2 Configuration - but needs actual usage of the colour manager, like the dot view

T2-11 Refactoring annotation model (Ian) - basically done. Not properly finalised - spoken with Paolo and Jits, and they seem quite happy with it. Tom said he would rewrite the document (The "Annotation model") so it's not so t2 specific

T2-9 Dataflow serialisation (Stuart) - nearly finished, also deserialisation. Except nested workflows, which Stuart thinks will come by the end of this iteration.

T2-3 New blank workbench (Stian) - getting Bootstrap and Plugin manager ready. David to join and help with the menues.

Stuart reports that working from home actually gave him an "ideal day". 

Extending the iteration by 1 week until 2008-05-13.

We'll do the daily chats on IRC, so everyday 16:00 for summary. Need to agree with Tom. Still useful even if Tom is not present on the chat. Alan will be chairing the chat.

Report back/Upcoming from Team A

Provenance have not yet support for nested workflow, need to modify relational model.

Stuart will inform Paolo about the new serialisation structure

Lineage queries. Carole asked for help on SeaLife. Lots of students with Java experience seems interested.

Report back/Upcoming from Team B

Not present

Report back/Upcoming from Team C

David: Graph model / dot view coming along.

Stian fixed some new Raven bugs, worked on the Bootstrap for the new workbench. Stian also talked to Wei and Ravi about caGrid's requirements for service browsing, which seems to feed as good requirements for the Activity Palette development. We should probably move the Activity Palette development up in priority, as caGrid wants to have something deliverable by their milestone 2008-06-23. 

Bharathi working on the myProxy plugin, which is working OK now, adding some security policy to Java. Export certificate from browser to import it to Java, there's a bug in Java's security stuff that limits the passphrase to 8 characters long, if it's longer than that it throws an exception. We recommend the short and easy passphrase fish.

Report back/Upcoming from Team Frog

Followed up InstantSoap, which has not yet been delivered. Stuart talked to Matthew, and he said he was generating javadoc yesterday, so it's pretty close. One of the things Carole want is a "Why InstantSoap" document - difference with Soaplab etc.

Workflow decay monitor kind of delivered,  but it doesn't have any security support. We're not sure how it will be deployed yet. Jits/myExperiment would be official adopters, but other people would also rely on it, and it would not be too good to go public without security support. Alan to put the security issue in Jira.

Not much happened with web site development.

Paul asks about the Digital 60 in Manchester posters Alan have done, it is the thing Norman asked about this morning in an email. Paul has also been asked to do one. The problem Alan says is that there's not much space on the poster, about 250 words. Paul has many pictures, but not that many words, so it should go fine. No need to do the layout, we're not even allowed. (smile)

Someone needs to stand there (it's on 2008-06-20) to do demos or have handouts (with the small amount of text on the page) - but it's not been sorted yet who. Norman might have said there's a need for demos.

Report back/Upcoming from Team Tom

Not present 

Report back/Upcoming from Training, Outreach and Curation

Not present 

Report back/Upcoming from BioAssist

Not present 

Round-table from Floating Team Members

Paul - no news

Upcoming Milestones/Cross Team Scheduling Issues

Well.. there's iteration 1 originally ending next week, but that was discussed under t2, and the milestone moved 1 week further, until 2008-05-13.

Support Hat and JIRA Review (alternate weeks)

Stian has already taken over from Ian (on holiday) since Monday. 

Upcoming Meetings

Moteur visit next week from Johan Montagnat. Tom will be here, and Constantinos will get hold of Tom to make sure he's here (smile) . David will be the official host. Everybody need
Action Stuart will book the room. Action Paolo - check with Katy if he has a hotel.

Funding News

Paolo to look after visitor for 3 months from a CoreGrid fellowship, his name is Giuseppe. (his supervisor is Domenico Talia) To work on Lilly stuff?

Paolo discusses some contract stuff with Constantinos. 

Andy Brass is putting in a grant proposal for something to do with Google Maps and workflows.

Any Other Business (AOB)

License for new stuff? We're using LGPL 2.1 for Taverna, but myExperiment uses new BSD. There's been talk about changing it for Taverna 2, this is one of the things on the agenda for the OMII-UK face to face.

Andy Brass wanted blogging of workflow provenance. (Ian made a quick prototype of this using the provenance layer). Paolo discussed this with Cameron Neylon earlier.

Discuss remote taverna execution on 2008-05-13 with Martin Senger (Mr. Soaplab). Maybe Tom wants to come for this.

Minuting for the Next Meeting

Franck to try again. There won't be a meeting next week as there's the MOTEUR meetings.

New actions

  • Marco: Notes on Bioassist meeting to be circulated
  • Marco: Conclude all portal work with Stuart
  • Marco: Set up data meeting
  • Antoon: Set up Bio Group meeting
  • Carole: Choose attendee for All Hands meeting (NESC meeting in July 17-18)
  • Tom: Forward email from caGrid to Alex
  • Stuart: Sort out travel/hotel arrangement for OMII-UK face 2 face
  • Stuart: Check if Tom needs hotel in Southampton
  • Alan: Ask Neil about paper publishing metric
  • Stuart: Bump selected stories to next iteration
  • Stuart: Announce daily IRC chat (16:00) to myGrid list
  • Stuart: Book room for Moteur visit
  • Paolo: Check with Katy if Johan has booked room in a hotel

Previous/Next Minutes

Previous meeting: 2008-04-22

Next meeting: 2008-05-13

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