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Meeting agenda/minutes

Please read the notes in the above photos when reading the minutes below



1. Intro to how this will work (a few iterations to get this right)

2. Actions (all e-Lab relevant ones merged, reporting back from meetings derived from previous meta-meetings as actions is OK; please say it happened and the current working understanding - no elaborate details - as this would need another meeting)

3. Standup and make a mark - update white boards for e-Lab Active List topics - (feel free to change who does this amonst the relevant people)

4. All read what has been written (note down relevant questions)

5. Quick round table:


  • Particular success
  • Blockers (needed to identify who you need to talk/meet to/with for resolution)
  • pertinant questions about what is written on the white board (please use judgement so topic is not too fine grained or too nebulous)
  • Any planned ad-hocs not already on the actions list


  • Just read what is written on the white board
  • Start discussion the solution (unless very simple) instead of the problem - as often the solution will need an ad-hoc discussion with relevent parties

6. Research (any relevant research - e-Lab or Taverna)

7. Outreach/Events/Funding - not limited to e-Lab Active List - standing items at all meta-meetings

8. Any Other Business (Technology demos now once a Month not after each meeting at some yet to be decided regular slot)

9. Minuting & Photography (of white board) for next time

Attending and minuting

  • Attending: Shoaib, Carole, Peter, Rob, Sean, Alan, Ian, Simon, Don, Anja, Matt, Alex, Rishi, Franck, Stian, Katy, David, Paul, Jits, Christian
  • Minuting: Stian

Actions from previous meeting (10 min)

  • Peter --- send SageCite example workflow to Alan Done


Shoaib to Jits: What's happening with myExperiment meeting schedule?

Jits: Regular RO meeting Local meeting? Settled yet? Need to settle with Sean

Paul: Blockers? Bug in myExperiment.


David: Setting up local mailing list for SCAPE.
Action Shoaib: Talk to Sean about SCAPE, mailing list.
Kick off is 21st of feb. Alex is going.
Sean will go as well.


Paul: Make separate app4andy Mailing list?

Audience generally agrees to split out app4andy emails from mygrid list to new list.

Action Rob: Set up app4andy mailing list


Katy: RightField paper is ready to go. Waiting for comments from Matt. Sending it off today. 2 pages.

Tuesday to have a meeting with Peter about hit South-Africa visit. Use same agenda for Bonn meeting.

Matt: FISH.Link Data quality paper w/ Sean/Paolo & others using FISH.Link as use case.


Rishi: Problem with setting focus in UI - getting some help from David.

Simon: Blockers: eLico-skinning of myExperiment, waiting to get back from Don in Southampton. How to do it ourselves.

Alan: Need to say this input data for this input port. Relying on packs sounds like the wrong way to do it..

Sean: Some information on this from Don.

Simon: Need to have a meeting about this - involve Research Objects?

Carole: How to do general skinning of myEx without involving Don?

Simon: Writing planner, issues with XSB, 64-bit mac. Reviewed in March. "Works on our machine" problem. Using Stian's archetype plugin.

Rishi mentioned repository browser. Simon is working on KUP Knowledge Base - SADI services.


Ian: CSSR is a big database for serving data.

Carole: Don't need meeting explotion. So if you want to know about say Research Object - go to the Research Object meeting even if you are not in wf4ever.

Carole: MethodBox and SysMo bring in concrete usecases - could be good for the meetings.

Shoaib: APIs of MethodBox? Lower entry for MethodBox.


Sean: A call with Jose tonight about how to proceed, what Sean is to do. Keep Sysmo/methodbox in the loop.


Peter: Nothing. Paper. Can give access to Sean, Jits and others.

Carole: Khalid will officially join the group. Technically in the summer, practically this spring. Reported about myGrid group to the Dean.


Jits: BioCatalogue success, EdUnify folks from Emory University (Stephen Wheat, Tod Jackson, and others) to join as CLA contributor, to be part of the project 1st class.

Alan: BioCatalogue API vs. BioCatalogue Taverna plugin?

Shoaib: Events, collaboration workshop. 2 people going (Jits/Ian).

Jits: Dev8d workshop coming up - was very useful last year. To discuss with Shoaib in a meeting.


Shoaib: Scape - where does it fit? More on the Taverna meetings.

Action Shoaib: Put SCAPE onto the Taverna meeting.


Example workflow results in OPM? Stian can send Paolo's example.

Action Peter: Send contact details about OPM person to Stian.


Kostas: Galaxy-Taverna work, run Taverna wf through Galaxy, Ruby Gem that helps you do this. Given wf URL from myExperiment, gem will generate whatever Galaxy requires.

Some workflows have a timeout problem. Information is gathered from myExp.

To do: Link in myExperiment to download Galaxy tool automatically

Regarding dissemination, been presenting this work.

Action Shoaib: Add Kostas presentation to status report{


Alan and David off to Luebeck to discuss Taverna packaging with Debian people.

Any other business

Jits: It's good to know who wrote what on the whiteboard, so you know who to contact for detailed questions.

Shoaib: Write your name next to whiteboard notes.
Action Shoaib: Update notes to write your name on whiteboard notes

Minuting for the next meeting:

Shoaib - someone else will chair.
Next week's meeting is the Taverna meta-meeting.

New Actions

(including who needs to meet whom about what - i.e. the meetings/ad-hocs from the meta-meeting)

  • Shoaib: Talk to Sean about SCAPE mailing list.
  • Rob: Set up app4andy mailing list
  • Shoaib: Update notes to write your name next to whiteboard notes.
  • Shoaib/Jits: Discuss dev8d
  • Shoaib: Put SCAPE onto the Taverna meeting.
  • Peter: Send contact details about OPM person to Stian.
  • Shoaib: Add Kostas presentation to status report