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Meeting agenda/minutes

Please read the notes in the above photos when reading the minutes below



  1. Actions
  2. Standup and make a mark - update white boards for Taverna Active List topics - (feel free to change who does this amongst the relevant people)
  3. All read what has been written (note down relevant questions or annotate white board with any relevant questions)
  4. Quick round table to report particular success, blockers, questions and who you are planning on talking to about what (please use judgement so topic is not too fine grained or to nebulous)
  5. Research (relevant to Taverna Active List but not being strict)
  6. Outreach/Events/Funding - not limited to Taverna Active Lists - standing items at all meta-meetings
  7. Any Other Business (Technology demos now once a Month not after each meeting at some yet to be decided regular slot)
  8. Minuting & Photography (of white board) for next time

Attending and minuting

  • Attending: Stian, David, Christian, Katy, Rob, Anja, Donal, Alan, Shoaib, Rishi, Kostas, Jits, Paul, Don
  • Minuting: Rob

Actions from previous meeting (5 min)

  • Paul/Rob - IMG Seminar on App4Andy - Science and Technology of - will arrange after visit to Liverpool.
  • Shoaib/Donal/Stian/Marco - Taverna everywhere paper for SSDBM 2011.
  • Paul - paper for ISMB 2011, deadline for the Technology track is April 29th 2011.
  • Paul - Taverna Demo ISMB January 2011 is the demo deadline for ISMB 2011
  • Donal - specify the API for copying/reusing data from previous runs and what is necessary to be kept client-side (if want to run a different workflow with same input, or outputs from previous) put on wiki and link to a jira task - producing a strawman is a first task. done
  • Donal - report the waking-up bug to Apache CXF project and hack a work-around. no longer relevant
  • Shoaib - follow up with John about setting up Eucalyptus - ping John/Matt/Mike Jones. done
  • Jits/Rishi/Steve/* - meet to discuss (and come to a working decision) on visualizing iterators after Tav 3 preview release. add to JIRA
  • Peter: meet with Jits and Stian re: SageCite use case for the Workflow4Ever project. moved to e-lab meeting
  • Jits and Alan to look at Donal's ideas for registry plugin - Alan to link to Jira Issue
  • Shoaib to report back from TSB kick-off meeting done
  • Peter to send toxicology talk to Alan and Alex
  • Shoaib to put together monthly meeting agenda for the Technology/Project presentations (first one will be on Code review tools from Atlassian and GitHub)
  • Shoaib contact Abel to arrange a meeting about KTA next steps. done
  • Shoiab to send notice about 'tacking stock' meeting in mid March.
  • Shoaib  to arrange a meeting to discuss Taverna 2.3 release date. done
  • Alan to arrange a meeting about Taverna reference mechanism done

Taverna Active List (board pens at the ready !)

Taverna 2.x


  • Char encoding
  • Downloading referenced data

T2 server client libraries

Next Generation Workbench

Components Library

  • initial version now live

BioCatalogue, myExperiment, etc plugins


  • Twitter notifications setup but not live yet





  • Rob going to Pistoia. Who else?





  • Visitor to Manchester to learn about workflows and a physisist will visit to give a talk.

Eagle KTA


AOT (Any Other Taverna)

MSc projects

Research (5 min)

Outreach and training (5 min)

  • Katy's WS examples are out of date. Need some new examples - but not using Eclipse. Alan suggested describing things as external tools but this will be before the next release of Taverna, so not ideal.

Events and funding news (5 min)

Any other business (10 min)

Minuting for the next meeting

  • Alan (and then in alphabetical order)

New actions (including who needs to meet whom about what for ticking off next week)

Donal send announcement to tav-hackers about reusing inputs.
Rob go to RCS tech session on Cloud and report back.
Jits, Alan, Donal meeting about Donal's Registry plugin
Alan highlight Paul's higly cited paper on myGrid news.
Rob find out who is going to Alderley Edge as well.
Shoaib to get control of myGrid DNS entry.
Paul, Stian, Jits meeting about exporting/publishing provenance from WorkBench.