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Meeting agenda/minutes


Please read the notes in the above photos when reading the minutes below




1. Intro to how this will work (a few iterations to get this right)

2. Standup and make a mark - update white boards for e-Lab Active List topics - (feel free to change who does this amonst the relevant people) (doing this before 3 saves times as people trickle into the meeting and start putting up their updates)

3. All read what has been written (note down relevant questions)

4. Actions (all e-Lab relevant ones merged, reporting back from meetings derived from previous meta-meetings as actions is OK; please say it happened and the current working understanding - no elaborate details - as this would need another meeting)

5. Quick round table:


  • Particular success
  • Please state under which heading the update should be minuted
  • Blockers (needed to identify who you need to talk/meet to/with for resolution)
  • pertinent questions about what is written on the white board (please use judgement so topic is not too fine grained or too nebulous)
  • Any planned ad-hocs not already on the actions list


  • Just read what is written on the white board
  • Start discussion the solution (unless very simple) instead of the problem - as often the solution will need an ad-hoc discussion with relevent parties

6. Research (any relevant research - e-Lab or Taverna)

7. Outreach/Events/Funding - not limited to e-Lab Active List - standing items at all meta-meetings

8. Any Other Business (Technology demos now once a Month not after each meeting at some yet to be decided regular slot)

9. Minuting & Photography (of white board) for next time

Attending and minuting

  • Attending: Alan, Stian, David, Ian, Paul, Alex, Rishi, Christian, Carole, Sean, Rob, Stuart, Shoaib
  • Minuting: Rishi

Actions from previous meeting (10 mins)

  • Paul Report myExperiment upload bug - ongoing
  • Jits & Alex meet re: Scape BioCatalogue instance - ongoing
  • Shoaib/Charlotte/All - need updates/checks to outreach material - posters, flyers, pens, stickers etc - needed end of May - for June/July workshops/conferences - eSI final outreach workshop, ISMB etc (comments ?) - ongoing 




 Alex: trying to find out which services are required for use with Scape - wsdl + external tools (looks at Alan), going to have a skype chat today and tomorrow about this, there is also a developer workshop in June in Vienna


Carole: - need a Jits shadow, there's re-work needed for BioVel.

- have a meeting with the EU to speak about BioCatalogue

- keynote on Services begginning of July

Shoaib: curation?

Carole: to put onto the agenda to think of ways of curating - need to improve curation to enable other people to do curation.

Alan: Steffen - concerning external tools descriptions, should they be put in BioCatalogue or myExperiment?

Rob: Components library?

Shoaib: need a component catalogue meeting


Stuart: requests meeting with Christian  about XL Wrapper 






Carole: Jits work, general annotation framework, wf4ever could explore - ontologies, preservation and curation.


Taverna-Galaxy/Galaxy-Taverna (TGGT)

 David: need a meeting this week


Funding News


Alan:  Collaboration with Jove - anyone Interested? 

Stian: collaboration with the search but could be wider

Shoaib: if there are specific things then we can focus on that, to follow up...

Rob: Had an interesting meeting with Matt Wood -  Lark looks really interesting, is going to be made public soon, would of probably used it for app4andy if it was available, looking for people to use & contribute

Shoaib: TSB?


Carole: ITER event needs attending for Taverna concerning particle physics- Stian & Rob?

Stian: ..concerning survey of all the tools

Particle physics - GRID heavy

Any other business

Carole: FutureEverything - festival of art & music - has 4 free tickets for the conference

Paul: ooo

Minuting for the next meeting:


New Actions

Shoaib - to follow up collaboration interests with Jove

David - to arrange a meeting for Tav-Gal/Gal-Tav

David - to arrange Component catalogue meeting

(including who needs to meet who about what - i.e. the meetings/ad-hocs from the meta-meeting)

  • None